Author Topic: Gangsters will not be getting wanted when killing another gangster.  (Read 690 times)

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It's just ridiculous when 2 or even more gangs have a war against each other and cops decide to crack it (10+ officers), like what the actual fuck if there wasn't anything better to do (CEs, ARs full of criminals).  :tick:

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I am Upvoting this because in the gang wars we fight cops more than the gangsters of the group. so it's annoying af to fight cops in gang wars and this will make cops focus on ARs/CEs

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I agree, because cops make it difficult and they trawl.

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I know I'm cop but however I was gangster in vacations and I know your hurt. Sometimes cops make gang wars just annoying.

Upvoting.  :tick:

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Cops arresting you in gang wars its annoying, supporting  :tick:

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