Author Topic: [ACCEPTED] Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job  (Read 43771 times)

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job
« Reply #30 on: 25 08, 2019, 01:37:48 pm »
Well , we all remember the old days how fisherman job was , the payment was pretty good you get a nice amount of fish and you sell it for a good amount of money as well.
The first update to the job was you can't get nitrous anymore , that wasn't a really big deal , but what really killed the fisherman job was nerfing/removing the restaurant system and when that happend there wasn't any need of the fish.
Couple of days later the fish price droped so bad and because there is no use of fish a trader was added to buy fish for 10 or 11 I am not sure  , and now you can use fish just to craft "Fish cake " which gives u 100 food . And who really needs to craft a fish cake while they can just ask someone to use /sellfood or buy food from any restaurant.
Well , that's the story behind fisherman job and what exactly happend , I am not going negative against those updates but it was not well thought out .
Fisherman wasn't the only damaged job there are too many other jobs that u rarely see a player working , nowadays everyone is forced to stay and work in LS bcz the best payment is in there and the funniest jobs are there .
The biggest ammount of players is always in LS and I would say that's the reason of the FPS drops we are facing daily so making the other jobs payment better would be a solution to the FPS issues and for players to not be forced to stay in LS ( well , forced might be not the right word but what I mean is all the fun is in LS nowadays so if you are going to do another job first of all you won't like the payment compared to other jobs in LS and you won't find anyone else working around you so you can chat with and work together etc ... you just gonna feel like you are playing a single player mode ).
Well , I am upvoting your suggestion as it might be the first step to get back the old fisherman job .
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Re: Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job
« Reply #31 on: 01 09, 2019, 09:10:56 pm »
It's not, for first it was a decision of whole team chat. But I was the one to post it. Adding more factories will change nothing, also, you suggested to add more factories cuz you cannot get one. If we add more factories, there still will be only 1 way to get nitrous. If we bring back fisherman system with nitro, it will give players more options how to obtain such valuable thing on CIT like nitrous.
it is better to increase the number of facilities in the area so that civilian workers will continue to thrive without the inconvenience of other workers to work hard to achieve and improve everything.

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job
« Reply #32 on: 01 09, 2019, 10:02:59 pm »
Will provide convenience in the profession Upvote
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Re: [ACCEPTED] Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job
« Reply #33 on: 02 09, 2019, 08:23:31 am »
I think this is a very good idea, because we used to collect Nitrous at the same time fishing in the past and then, Nitrous was removed from this job. I mean, while fishing, we did not get Nitorus. I guess that's why so many players don't work here. If this job is the same as before, so if we can collect Nitrous at the same time while fishing, the players who work here will multiply again. Finally, I have L10 with all the jobs on the CIT server and "Fisherman" was my favorite job in the past. I mean, although I was an L10 in this job, I used to work here every day because I like this job. But then I stopped worked here, because it didn't give Nitrous. In short, I mean, I'm sure more people will work here the same way if the Fisherman is the same again.

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job
« Reply #34 on: 02 09, 2019, 08:34:30 am »
A great idea to bring back some activity at fisherman job. Upvoting :tick:

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Bringing back nitrous to Fisherman Job
« Reply #35 on: 07 09, 2019, 04:30:51 pm »
Since you didn't bother to say how much, I've just made it 30% of the fish will be given as nitrous.