Author Topic: The Amazon is on fire  (Read 551 times)

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Re: The Amazon is on fire
« Reply #15 on: 28 08, 2019, 07:12:24 pm »
You can see there's problems with fire , we dont know and cant see a lot of problems on earth. I think they make  it secret from us. They will build a new city there. I think they are working for get rid of the tribes in living there.
we own amazonia and we know how to take care of it.
Ofcourse I agree with you but how ? Any one have a plan or method ?

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Re: The Amazon is on fire
« Reply #16 on: 28 08, 2019, 08:32:45 pm »
we own amazonia and we know how to take care of it.
Seems that someone is a bit being toxic in here, kindly try not to get out of the topic subject, thanks in advance !

I agree with RedFire, some organisations should speak more about this incident and they should start doing it now to make people aware of what's happening and start taking actions.

EDIT: Some celebrities like DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Madonna, cristiano ronaldo,justin bieber and Kris Jenner have donated and some have rent planes to transport water with planes to there. A good action to be honest.
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Re: The Amazon is on fire
« Reply #17 on: 09 09, 2019, 03:48:30 pm »
The Amazon rainforest, the lungs of our planet that produces 20% of our oxygen, is burning. It is an international crisis

This is already incorrect, so why should I get my information from an misinformed person?

However, the figure—which has earned the forest the title “lungs of the Earth”—is a gross overestimate. As several scientists have pointed out in recent days, the Amazon’s net contribution to the oxygen we breathe likely hovers around zero.

Physically Impossible. To Coe, the claim “just doesn’t make any physical sense” because there simply isn’t enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for trees to photosynthesize into an entire fifth of the planet’s oxygen.

Think about it: For every batch of carbon dioxide molecules trees pull out of the air, they push a comparable number of oxygen molecules back out. Given that the atmosphere contains less than half a percent of carbon dioxide, but 21 percent oxygen, it’s not possible for the Amazon to generate that much oxygen.

Several scientists have come up with more accurate estimates. Yadvinder Malhi, an ecosystem ecologist at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, bases his calculations on a 2010 study that estimates tropical forests are responsible for around 34 percent of photosynthesis occurring on land. Based on its size, the Amazon would account for about half of that. That would mean the Amazon generates around 16 percent of oxygen produced on land, explains Malhi, who detailed his calculations in a recent blog post.

That percentage sinks to 9 percent when taking into account the oxygen produced by phytoplankton in the ocean. (Climate scientist Jonathan Foley, who directs the non-profit Project Drawdown which researches climate change solutions, arrived at a more conservative estimate of 6 percent).

But that’s not the whole story. Trees don’t just exhale oxygen—they also consume it in a process known as cellular respiration, where they convert the sugars they amass during the day into energy, using oxygen to power the process. So during the night when there’s no sun around for photosynthesis, they’re net absorbers of oxygen. Malhi’s research team reckons that trees inhale a little over half the oxygen they produce this way. The rest is probably used up by the countless microbes that live in the Amazon, which inhale oxygen to break down dead organic matter of the forest.

“The net [oxygen] effect of the Amazon, or really any other biome, is around zero,” he explains.

And there have been way more fires before, this isn't the worst they've seen.

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Re: The Amazon is on fire
« Reply #18 on: Yesterday at 07:00:46 am »
Not only amazonia .
In here every summer We are in fire too much small montes,around city that I am living in .
Even once they tryed to burn national park , thank god fire department react really fast.I dont know but each year fires everywhere will result too much bad .

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Re: The Amazon is on fire
« Reply #19 on: Yesterday at 03:14:21 pm »
People activity toward rain forests are main reasons for burning them. As read from the journal articles cattle and farm industries are causes of removing trees by South American merchants which is considered a reason for lowering humidity. Fires made by humans activity are much higher than natural fires. So, South Americans citizens are responsible for their Amazon forest.
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Re: The Amazon is on fire
« Reply #20 on: Yesterday at 09:14:22 pm »
Go ask yourself that.

Why are you, Nervous, not doing anything? Why are you just saying "why are others not doing anything" when you are doing nothing yourself either? (Except rambling on social media) That will answer your question.
Bringing awareness to an issue is far greater than doing nothing. Similar to the Sudan crisis, the large attention from the media has drastically helped the country's chaotic state. The more attention a subject gets, the likelihood of the government taking actions would be significantly higher.

On a side note, how is this a debate?
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