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Help for new players.
« on: 11 09, 2019, 09:21:44 am »
Hi, I decided to help and write a small topic for new players, because I see that they often ask for help, they are interested in where a profitable job is and they ask for money.

1. As they entered the server, buy a vehicle for movement. On the map, a car dealership is marked with a blue car. If you bought, go to point 2.

2. For starters, you can go to a lumberjack or to a miner, because it’s easy to make money and buy something else.

3. Then, when you have money, you can go to a car dealership and buy a good car that you like or what you need.

4. There are a lot of things on the server, you can rob, play legally and just work. There are also groups, you can join one of them and attribute yourself to any type of activity, still play with other players.

5. Now, what beginners usually ask:
1. How to repair the car: you get out of it, press the X button, then right-click on the car and select the repair kit. Kits, like any other resources, can be purchased at F7.
2. Where to sell resources: you go to LSMA, this is the place where you initially appeared when you entered the server. (Drug Center)
3. Where to rob? You can rob shops aiming at the seller, or CEs or Armed rob, you can find them by writing / ce and / arl and press N and the path will show you.
4. Many resources are sold in the store. The store will open by pressing F7.
5. Also, many beginners ask how to become a policeman, everything is very easy. You look for LSPD on the map, put a mark and go, then go into the building and become an officer.
6. Where to buy ammunition: You can buy them in weapons stores, in F7 or craft in F9. The store is marked with a gun on the map.
7. How and where to put the skin ?: You can put the skin by registering the / vipskin command or go to the clothing store, go into the circle and press Z.
8. How to find this or that place ?: Have / gps write this command and look for a place.
9. How to find the right job ?: Also write the / gps command the name of the work, mark and go to work, you can still teleport to the place of work in LSMA.
10. Where and how to tune the car, on the map you can find the red wrench icon, this is tuning, to tune the car you need spare parts, you can get them in a race or buy them in F7.

Tips from me:
1. In battle, it is best to use drugs, they can be turned on on F4, they will give an advantage.
2. In the game you can run with heavy weapons if you write / movingstyle and put 69 id on all styles, or you can do it in a rocking chair.
3. If you want to pump the skill, quickly go to LV and shoot there without giving up.
4. I advise you to choose a weapon to your taste with which you can play better.
5. I also advise you to configure the game, sights and the rest, this can be done in / settings
6. If you are a fan of playing music, then there is a radio for you on the server, you can turn it on this way: Press B and find the icon with the headphones, enjoy.
7. If your brakes try to lower the drawing range in the graphics settings, this helped me.
8. You can get money by completing the achievement, open the panel by pressing X and find "Achievements", see what you can complete and go.
9. You can also earn money by playing racing, by pressing X find the "Racing" checkbox and click on it, then sign up for the race. For victory you will be given spare parts and money, depending on the place taken.
10. If you want to join the group, write / gapps and the name of the unit, leave a request and wait for the refusal or acceptance;)

That's all, good luck to everyone, I hope I helped you! @Denax :tick:
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Hi guys, im Denax😉

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Re: Help for new players.
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Endeavor to make the tutorial as detailed as possible. Effortless and lazily composed tutorials will be locked.
Forgot to mention on your other post, make a detailed tutorial / guide in this board, or else, your topic will be locked for that rule that I quoted above.

You can find the other rules on this link:
Make sure to follow them all. I'll check this topic soon or later to see if you will make it detailed. Good luck :)

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Re: Help for new players.
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Ok, done
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Hi guys, im Denax😉