Author Topic: When people who are under 50 hours shoot as civilian they won't be criminals  (Read 1763 times)

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I don't think this idea is a good one, I know 50 hour playtime is a newbie but even if he still a newbie he can /quit job, As far as I know that when u shoot for 4 second as civilian you go criminal how could a newbie stay shooting for 4 seconds by wrong it's an impossible thing ,Let's just say something went wrong with him he can easily /quit job, 50 Hours he will at least know how to quit job it's not a hard thing sorry but I will down vote

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As far as I know, this feature was added for newbies who don't know how to become a criminal in the first place. Instead of just disabling a feature that is brought for them, we can freeze them for a moment (2-3 seconds would be enough I think) and send them a warning message saying "You are going to be a criminal if you keep shooting." in their chatbox. Also make it red or any other attractive color so it will take attention and will not get ignored.
newbies who just created their accounts, will be working as civilians to get some money, and they randomly shoot sometimes and become criminal while it’s not their intentions, at least that happened for a lot of times and I’ve seen it myself.

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I agree with you, I saw that on my friends ,  my cousin and my brother... they dont know what they are doing in this period. upvoting
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Yeah, newbies are new and they can think that you can shoot as civilian and bang, he is criminal. It will help them for sure. upvoting
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I've just made that setting ("Go Criminal By Shooting") disabled by default.