Author Topic: [Vampire] Changing the requirement for criminal groups (Duration)  (Read 911 times)

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Alright this topic was originally created by Pepe but his account is deleted and the topic is gone with a lot of upvotes.

I'll go straight to the point, 4 months for the first level is just too long. It's pretty hard to gather members who are willing to stick around for 4 months just to get the first level specially when there are official groups around so, I'm suggesting to decrease the duration from 4 months to 3 or 2 months (I'll leave this to whoever will handle it to decide).

I hope someone sees what we're going through.

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Keep in mind that this suggestion had a lot of votes but it was deleted because the creator's account is deleted.
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With the slots update, more groups was supposed to show up, matter of fact they won't due to the huge waiting time, 2 months are really fine to prove the solidity of the members, which will also motivate them for more good work when they get their first level .

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Supporting your suggestion as that will help alot the new group's to grow up faster

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4 months is too much I don't see any new criminal gangs trying to reach Level1 most of players keep joining official groups maybe after this we gonna see more groups trying to reach level1 and new players which would help criminal side to be more active also 2 months of hardworking enough I think upvoting

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Players nowdays wont create a new group since the requirements are too high to reach it, by adding this they will be encouraged to create their own team and to reach high group levels, also it will make CIT more enjoyable and satisfying. They pick a high group level and they apply for it instead. Thus, postive.

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3months is a good time for criminal groups and also we can make it 2months for law groups (as criminals groups are way too more than cops groups so both cant be the same requirements to be level 1.)

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up voting for sure tbh I really want them to lower the amount of players to be 30-20 since this server is kind hard to reach 200 players anymore ...
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I was here when Pepe suggested it and I thought it got accepted didn't know it got deleted, 4 months is way big period for any (group or squad), It's really hard to wait 4 months I think it's really weird requirement most people in real life can't wait 4 months and get bored and sometimes some players leave the group to join another official group better
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I am supporting this suggestion but we muat to change other system, its not only about criminal groups. We must to decrease squad board request requirements and
Criminal group : 3 month
Law group : 2 month
Civilian already 1 month
And squads : 2 month
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Really criminal groups must be lower requirements than now because old criminal groups going to resign and we need new criminal groups
My Vote: Positive

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Requirements should definetely be lowered those days following up with the current player count the current system is full demotivating for someone to a start a new group.

Even tho let's say they manage to get a board after 4 months which is super hard to achieve starting by now,they will still need one and a half year for their group to reach a good level.

Therefore I'm definetely positive with this.

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up voting for sure tbh I really want them to lower the amount of players to be 30-20 since this server is kind hard to reach 200 players anymore ...
Of course. There is not old CIT. It must be change for new CIT online count. Otherwise If a few new groups will create and want to get group level, automatically 4/1 of the server will have a group. So the next request as I said, can't get group level because of server's online issue.(I mean old online count and new online count)

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The requirements are very high in every section on this server nowadays, Which is hard for newcomers to achieve and even some of them chose to quit rather than spending months and years developing a small gang while there's many official groups around to join and even to reach their goals in.

So this one is surely indeed to give a chance for more groups to show up and grow, 2 months would be perfect in my opinion.
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In my opinion, 2 months is a very reasonable period to apply for a board for all kinds of groups.
I totally agree with this. It's quite hard to create a group and make it last for 4 months nowadays. I know a lot of players who gave up in leading their group and simply deleted it because they couldn't make their group stable/active for 4 months. Hopefully decreasing the duration would make some groups appear.
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