Author Topic: Making it able to use /payjailfine command even when in jail for 1000+ seconds  (Read 808 times)

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Some peoples have set to automatically payjailfine. And some peoples don't. or maybe some peoples don't know. Its just waste our time because if we got 1000+ wl and killed by cop. We wait 1k+ secs and I think its too much. Well, Im Positive.
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I strongly disagree. Is it that you're guilty of making so many concessions to criminals? 1000 WL is a really big figure if a criminal finishes this time by paying money anyway there is no such thing as server justice. Public order is what we call justice and order that we are trying to catch them. So they will pay with 1000 WL + while we catch the criminals in this map they can do the same thing and come out again. This is ridiculous. Even in real life, if you are above a certain level of crime, you can't get out by paying. Since this is a roleplay server, it has to resemble real life. We can't break this game anymore. Im negative.
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I agree with the reasons you stated and have implemented this request.