Author Topic: Taxi Driver Job Guides & Tips  (Read 3060 times)

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Re: Taxi Driver Job Guides & Tips
« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 01:21:04 pm »
Few things need to be updated here:
I can't find the current blip for this job anywhere but there are 3 different peds; green ped blip, bright-blue ped blip (to pick up from LS and drop them at SF, and vice-versa), red ped blip.

In this part the screenshots are outdated, I'll provide new screenshots below:

You can take taxi driver job from

Doherty, San Fierro
Verona Beach, Los Santos

You need to enter the buildings and enter into the yellow-orange marker(s) in order to take the job.

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(Here, I uploaded 2 new pics of the two interiors (LS and SF Interiors for the Taxi Driver job and the job places as well)

You can use Taxi, Cabbie and Taxi S with this job; you can spawn Taxi, Cabbie, and Taxi S from huge yellow-orange marker(s) which is located next to the buildings.

Screenshots of peds and the destination

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Added the "Taxi S" to the sentence above, updated the screenshots of these as well.

Changed it to:
You can leave your taxi for 30 seconds when you have a passenger (ped) without losing it.

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Proof of my claim:

Note: To the moderator/Efec who will update these, check the spoilers to know what I changed above. Thanks in advance.
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