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Civilian Job Guides.
« on: 08 01, 2020, 03:50:02 am »

Civilian Job Guides

Fire Fighter
(Made by: @Jaguar. )
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Fire Fighter Job Guide

Where can I take the job?

The place where you can take the job is in San Fierro Fire Department
Location: San Fierro, Doherty
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How can I take the job?
You can take the job by simply standing in the marker
or if you are already level 10 you can do /go fire fighter.

Skin that you are able to use in this job:
• ID 277 -
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• ID 278 -
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• ID 279 - 
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What should I do after getting the job?

Once employed, spawn a fire engine at the marker and use it to travel to the orange blips on your radar. Head to the fire, equip the fire extinguisher and use it to extinguish the blaze. Once complete, wait for the next fire to be reported. Note, the hose on the fire engine is not effective in fighting fires

Vehicle used by Fire Fighter:

• Fire Truck (5,000$) -
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• Fire Truck Ladder (5,000$) -
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• If you're gonna ask if you can use other vehicle, the answer is yes you can.

Fire Fighter side job:

There is a side mission for Fire Fighters, to start it, get a fire fighter truck and press N, then head to the red flag blip on your map, when you reach there, you will see an vehicle which will be on fire, you will have to extinguish it using Fire Fighter water hose, to use it press LMB. You will have to do as many mission as you can in the time limit of 5 minutes, the payment will depend on how many vehicles you extinguished in those 5 minutes.

Fire Fighter Promotion System:
Rank name - Pay per fire - Requirements

• L0 - Training - $180 per fire - 0 Fires
• L1 - Junior Firefighter - $216 per fire - 50 Fires
• L2 - Senior Firefighter - $252 per fire - 250 Fires
• L3 - Assistant Specialist - $288 per fire - 500 Fires
• L4 - Specialist Firefighter - $324 per fire - 1,000 Fires
• L5 - Professional Firefighter - $360 per fire - 2,500 Fires
• L6 - Expert Firefighter - $396 per fire - 5,000 Fires
• L7 - Chief Firefighter - $432 per fire - 10,000 Fires
• L8 - Master Firefighter - $468 per fire - 20,000 Fires
• L9 - Executive Firefighter - $504 per fire - 40,000 Fires
• L10 - Chief of Department - $540 per fire - 80,000 Fires

Note: If you are a VIP you get 20% more money.

More info:
• You can talk to the other civilians by pressing "Y"
• Fire Fighter has 'R' it means radio, just like police officers fire fighter can use Radio to tell them the situation.
• You can take out the fire faster if there are more Fire Fighter unit.

Would you like to add more information? Copy the format below:
Code: [Select]
[b]What would you want to be added in the guide?:[/b]

Street Food Seller
(Made by: @Freska)
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Street Food Seller Job Guide
How to work Street Food Seller : You must do t/sellfood and to do this
1- You must be away from any wall to put food car
2- Don't be near from any food seller
3- You should be on pavement
4- You need 20 wheats to sell 1 meal.
5- you get $500 each, every selled meal
2nd- After you sell 10 meals you will be street food seller directly

Kinds of food you can sell : Pizza - Kebab - Noodles - Hot Dogs - Ice Cream - Chicken Nuggets
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Job Levels :
L0. Fast Food Packer [1 Meal -----> 100 Meals ]
L1. Free Seller [100 Meals -----> 200 Meals ]
L2. Junior Street Seller [200 Meals -----> 300 Meals ]
L3. Experienced Seller [300 Meals -----> 400 Meals ]
L4. Frozen Food Cook [400 Meals -----> 500 Meals ]
L5. Chinese Noodle Seller [500 Meals -----> 600 Meals ]
L6. Anti-Medic Healer [600 Meals -----> 700 Meals ]
L7. Master Street Cook [700 Meals -----> 800 Meals ]
L8. Bastianich Ass-kicker [800 Meals -----> 900 Meals ]
L9. Ramsay Assistant [900 Meals -----> 1000 Meals ]
L10. Ainsley Harriott [1000 Meals -----> ~ Meals ]

Hunter Job
(Made by: @Rampage)
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Hunter Job

Hunter is a job where you can hunt animals and sell their meat to earn money.
Teleport to Angel Pine and get the job, a red zone will be marked on your map, spawn a car and go to it, use the Country Rifle and kill animals found there, then walk over them and get their meat until you get your Net Capacity full. Finally, go back to the red blip near the job marker and sell the meat there to get money.

How may I get the hunter job, where is it located?
The job is located in Angel Pine, teleport there and you'll find a marker for it. You can also use /gps and mark the place. (/gps > /search <Angel Pine>).
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Here you can enter to find the job maker:
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There are 4 skins for the job:
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You can spawn a car from here:
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Go to that red zone marked on your map to kill animals:
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Use the Country Rifle to kill animals:
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Now go back and deliver to this blip:
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Get paid:
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Hunting types:
Hunting a Bear gives you 50% of The Truck.
Hunting a Chicken gives you 5% of The Truck.
Hunting a Goat gives you 20% of The Truck.
Hunting a Fox  gives you 10% of The Truck.
Killing a BigFoot gives you 70KG (stats) and $5000 (pay).

Animal sounds:
You can easily find animals now by following their sounds, here are them:

Goat's sound:
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Chicken's sound:
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Fox's sound:
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Bear's sound:
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Big foots' sound:
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General Information and Job Levels:

-- Once you enter your pickup vehicle, you'll have to go into forest to hunt animals. You need to use a Country Rifle to kill animals. Don't go too near the area with vehicles or jetpacks, animals will get scared away by noise.

-- Job Ranks
L0. Kid with Rifle - 0 Kg of meat
L1. First Gun - 3,900 Kg of meat
L2. New Hunter - 10,400 Kg of meat
L3. Trained Hunter - 19,500 Kg of meat
L4. Professional Hunter - 28,600 Kg of meat
L5. Bird Hunter - 37,700 Kg of meat
L6. Pig Hunter - 48,100 Kg of meat
L7. Fox Hunter - 58,500 Kg of meat
L8. Grizzly Hunter - 68,900 Kg of meat
L9. Lion Hunter - 79,300 Kg of meat
L10. Master of the Wood - 91,000 Kg of meat

Fisherman Job
(Made by: @SugarVanilla )
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Simple Tutorial Again:
1. First take the Fisherman Job from either at Los Santos or at San Fierro. Don't forget that you can also mark this via /gps and search Fisherman
2. You can use any type of boats now for this job as this is updated already. You can buy it from the shop which you can also do /gps to find the location for Boats.
3. Go to the ocean or shore and Right Click > Click on the Ocean > A picture will pop-up.
4. You will have to aligned the Fish in the Green thing to be able to capture it.
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Check The Video at the bottom to know how to catch a fish as many of you were struggling on this new method, I hope it helps you as you watched the video.

6. On the right corner of your Screen, you will be able to see the Net Capacity as that is your fishes you caught and once your net is full, go to the in your map to sell your fish. Then you can sell it via F7 to get some cash.

Here are the fishes

The Percentage of getting the rare fishes are:
1. Blue Whales and Killer Whales - The population area of the fish must be above 95% as it is shown in the picture so you can get it  by any chance which is very rare to get.
2. Fishes - To get the hundred worth of fishes, you must be in the area of at least above 85% which is also shown in the picture; you can based it on the percentage there as it is already provided.
3. If you are fishing below 50% populated area of the Fish, you may get the lower prices of the fishes which ranged about 30$ - 160$ at maximum. While the 85% can get up to maximum worth of fish about 250-300$ per fishes you've caught. Keep that in mind, if you are planning to get above 5,000 - 10,000 (or more) Fishes per sell, you must be in the area of at least above 85% if that's what you are aiming for. (This is for Level 10)

As you can see I went above than 9,000 Fishes. I got 2 Blue Whales on this one, forgot to record.

Imagine if you get Killer Whales and they are worth of 2,000$ per caught, if you happened to get 2 or 3 more; Pretty sure you can go up to 10,000+ Fishes without doubt. Reminder, you need to be at least 95% populated area to be able to catch the 2 Rare Whales.

Also, if you are Level 10 Fisherman; you can do this command /go fisherman as you don't have to go to the Job Marker for this one.
Furthermore, you can get more fishes by passing the "Fishing Methods" courses in /shit or /courses

Payments and Requirements for Fisherman
L0 - Aspiring Angler - $16,000 per 2,000 Fish (Average) - 0 Sold fish (Net)
L1 - Stevedore - $19,200 per 2,400 Fish (Average) - 45,000 Sold fish (Net)
L2 - Deckhand - $22,400 per 2,800 Fish (Average) - 135,000 Sold fish (Net)
L3 - Deck Cadet - $25,600 per 3,200 Fish (Average) - 405,000 Sold fish (Net)
L4 - Ordinary Seaman - $28,800 per 3,600 Fish (Average) - 900,000 Sold fish (Net)
L5 - Able Seaman - $32,000 per 4,000 Fish (Average) - 1,800,000 Sold fish (Net)
L6 - Boatswain - $35,200 per 4,400 Fish (Average) - 2,700,000 Sold fish (Net)
L7 - Third Mate - $38,400 per 4,800 Fish (Average) - 3,600,000 Sold fish (Net)
L8 - Second Mate - $41,600 per 5,200 Fish (Average) - 4,500,000 Sold fish (Net)
L9 - First Mate - $44,800 per 5,600 Fish (Average) - 5,400,000 Sold fish (Net)
L10 - Captain - $107,000 per 9,000 Fish (Average) - 6,750,000 Sold fish (Net) [Updated as this is the new Fisherman Job V2] Current Payment for 9,000 Fishes Above.

Fisherman Job V2 [New Fishing Method Video]
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New Video by Hardwood:
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Old Video by Hardwood:
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Credit to Aik for the Fisherman Job V2

I will edit this one later, since this is a new method for Fisherman and those people were asking me how to Fish and having a hard time, here is the video at the top, please check it as simple guide.

Fuel Transporter Job
(Made by: @Pytho)
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Fuel Transporter Guide

Vehicle you use in this job:DFT Tank
Skin ID of the Fuel Transporter job:N/A, you can use any skin you want.
Where Can you take this job?:Ocean Dock, Los Santos or in Easter Bay Chemicals, Red Country.
What do you get from this job?:You can choose your payment, you can choose between Oil(you must go to the black fuel canister blip on the map) or chemicals(go to the lab flask blip on the map)  or money(go to the red house blip on the map and you can also get nitrous now.
What do you do in this job?:Before filling up your tank, you must have a DFT Tank,you can spawn that vehicle in Easter Bay Chemicals, Red Country near the place where you can get this job or you can spawn it in  Ocean Docks, Los Santos near the other place you can get this job from or you can just buy a DFT Tank from the trucks shop and upgrade it to make it fast. Then after getting the DFT Tank go to any Oil Refinery, you can choose how you will  get paid (money, chemicals, oil) by just going to there specific blip on the map, then after filling up your tank with fuel go to this in the minimap, you will go to some fuel stations until your loaded fuel get finished(the loaded fuel will always be 10k gallons), then you must go to any oil refinery and get some more fuel, and just repeat the steps which are stated above.
Also one of the coolest features in this job is that if you are in a unit and other members of the unit were working as fuel transporters, they will have the same destination(fuel stations) as you do, so that you can do road trips and other fun stuff.

These are all the Oil refineries located around San Andreas and their specific location!
  • Easter Bay, Red Country.(Oil, Nitrous, Chemicals are available as payment there!). 
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  • Green Palms, Bone County(Oil, Money, Chemicals, Nitrous are available as payment there!).
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  • Bayside, Bayside Marina(Chemicals, Oil are available as a payment there).
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  • NewCity, San Fierro(Nitrous, Chemicals are available as payment there).
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  • Angel Pine, Whetstone(Nitrous is available as payment there).
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  • Las Colinas, Los Santos(Oil is available as a payment there).
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  • Ocean Docks, Los Santos(Oil, Chemicals, Money, Nitrous are available as a payment there!).
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After Taking fuel from any oil refinery, you will be transporting them to fuel stations, here are some of the most common fuel stations around San Andreas!
  • Temple, Los Santos.
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  • Jefferson, Los Santos.
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  • Flint County.
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  • Palamino Creek, Red County.
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  • Market, Los Santos.
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  • Los Santos International, Los Santos.
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Job Requirements for each Level:
  • L0: 0 Miles, Nature Hater
  • L1: 26,400 Miles, Tank Cleaner
  • L2: 70,400 Miles, Monoxide Fan
  • L3: 132,000 Miles, Water Poisoner
  • L4: 193,600 Miles, Licensed Polluter
  • L5: 255,200 Miles, Oil Addict
  • L6: 325,600 Miles, Petrol Transporter
  • L7: 396,000 Miles, Diesel Transporter
  • L8: 466,400 Miles, Bitumen Transporter
  • L9: 536,800 Miles, Oil Expert
  • L10: 616,000 Miles, God of Pollution

*Note: You get 9,000 Miles per Hour of working*

Farmer Job
(Made by: @Felix84 and @Ahmad3 )
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Farmer Job Guide


Farmer job is considerably well-paid and is easily accessible for the newbies unlike space mining. If you're the type of chill-guy, I am sure you will love it!

How can I get started ?

All you need to do is either marking Red Country/ Blueberry via /gps command or go to the San Fierro Employment Office and teleport to the farm. Once you're in, there will be a yellow marker where you can take the job. Go out, you will see a couple of yellow marker near the cottage so you can buy seeds. I suggest you to buy 100-200 of them in-case you get bored of the job. Once you're done, go to this yellow marker and pick the tractor. All vehicles you will get from that marker is free, though you can use your own farming vehicle from Truck Shop ( located at LS Docks ). Drive over the farm area, you will see you're planting the seeds. Plant 100 of them ( which is the max amount you can plant in a row ), and get out of your tractor, don't forget to use /djv
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This command is used to destroy your job vehicle, clean up your mess so people won't crash to it...

All seeds are planted, what now ?

All you need is to wait till plants are grown and you see this green blips on your radar. Go pick up a Combine Harvester from the spawner that you took the tractor and run over the crops, you will see bails are dropping off your harvester. When you converted all crops to bail, pick up them by on foot. Everything is done, you got either just wheat or hemp and herb depending on your location.

Important Notes

  • Flint Country only gives you wheat, Blueberry Farm gives you herb and hemp. Don't think BB or FC have more advantage, they're all balanced and depends on what you actually need.
  • The teleport GUI in Employment Office shows two RC, first line is Flint Country and the last one is Blueberry.
  • "Basic Agricultural Skills" course will decrease the time that it will take for your crops to grow by 5% and this course costs $15,000. Use /courses command to get access to it.
  • You can't spawn a harvester unless plants are fully grown.

In-game Description and Job Levels

To take the farmer job you need to choose between two farms. A farm located in Blueberry and another in Flint Country. (Use GPS feature in order to find the location on the map). The Blueberry farm will give you Hemp and Herbs, what are key ingredients for some crafting items or alternatively you may sell them in F7 for money. The Flint Country farm will give you only wheat, which you can sell in F7 at 500 units, 25$/unit max.

This wheat is also used in restaurants as a resource.
How farmer works is simple. You need to go to the yellow marker inside the barn to get the job. After that head outside and buy seeds from the other yellow marker. One seed costs 50$, so if you buy 10 of them, it will cost you 500$. You can sell your seeds in F7 if you want. To plant your seeds you need a tractor, which is provided to you for free from the vehicle spawner. Drive with your tractor in the designated area and wait for your seeds to grow. After a few minutes, the crops will appear themselves as small green blips on your radar. Convert the crops to bales by driving with the harvester over them. Now you just need to pickup the bales to get paid. You get paid hemp and herbs or just wheat, depending on the farm you chose.

Level    Name                  Payment                     Requirements

L0 - Scarecrow -     Depends on the price in F7 -     0 Bails
L1 - Gardener -     Depends on the price in F7 -     3,000 Bails
L2 - Hay Pusher -     Depends on the price in F7 -     8,000 Bails
L3 - Migrant Farmer -     Depends on the price in F7 -     15,000 Bails
L4 - Harvester -     Depends on the price in F7 -     22,000 Bails
L5 - Professional Plower -     Depends on the price in F7 -     29,000 Bails
L6 - Agriculturist -     Depends on the price in F7 -     37,000 Bails
L7 - Farming Machine -     Depends on the price in F7 -     45,000 Bails
L8 - Botanical Master -     Depends on the price in F7 -     53,000 Bails
L9 - Agricultural Prodigy -     Depends on the price in F7 -     61,000 Bails
L10 - Amish God -     Depends on the price in F7 -     70,000 Bails

Note: After reaching the Level 10, you'll be able to switch to this job using "/go Farmer"

Post below the thread if you have something to add or need help.

Taxi Driver Job
(Made by: @Efe)
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How do I work as a Taxi Driver?

You just need to take the job from the locations (I'll state them below with screenshots), You can also do it with your own Taxi/Cabbie even if you have another job by pressing N. It automatically changes your job to taxi driver. Peds are in Los Santos and San Fierro, you can't find them out of city. You can also pick online players up and earn money.

There are 2 different blips on the map that you need to know.

- Those are the peds that you need to pick up (You can't pick two peds up at the same time).
- This is the destination that you must bring peds.

You'll be paid each time you bring peds to the locations. The payment depends on distance and level. Each time you level up you also earn bonus cash.

You can take taxi driver job from

Doherty, San Fierro
Conference Center, Los Santos

You can also mark them on GPS (T > /gps > Jobs.)

You need to enter the buildings and enter into the yellow-orange marker in order to take the job.

You can use Taxi, Cabbie and Taxi S with this job; you can spawn taxi and cabbie from huge yellow-orange marker which is located next to the buildings.

Screenshots of peds and the destination

Taxi Driver Levels: You can earn more money (still depends on distance) when you level up. Once you are L10, you can use /go taxi driver and take the job without going to the job location. When you leveled up to L10, you also earn $1,000,000 extra cash by achieving an achievement (Crazy Taxi).

You can see your levels and these requirements by pressing F5.

Levels and their requirements:

L0 - Training - $0 Earnings
L1 - Junior Driver - $30,000 Earnings
L2 - Trained Driver - $90,000 Earnings
L3 - Senior Driver - $180,000 Earnings
L4 - Specialist Taxist - $360,000 Earnings
L5 - Professional - $600,000 Earnings
L6 - Tourist Manager - $1,000,000 Earnings
L7 - First Class Driver - $2,000,000 Earnings
L8 - Executive - $5,000,000 Earnings
L9 - Celebrities Driver - $10,000,000 Earnings
L10 - President & CEO - $15,000,000 Earnings

Can I transport online players and what will I earn?

You can transport online players and you can earn $500 every 15 seconds so $2000 in a minute and yes, it's $600 if you are VIP. Always communicate with players on team chat, it will make the job more enjoyable and you can find more online players who needs a taxi.

Some tips from me; always bring your jerry cans and repair kits with you because it isn't hard to hit somewhere even if you are pro at driving, someone definitely hits you and flips your car.

*If you press N in a short time after you picked the ped, it directly sets the GPS to the destination.*

Also you can complete "Basic Fuel Skills" for fill up your tank an extra 20% for free, you can make profit by doing that.

Lastly, you also need medkits because you lose hp when you hit somewhere.

Tips from server; You can earn 20% more if you complete "Road Safety' from /courses and %30 more when you use your own Cabbie, Taxi or Taxi S.

You are be able to leave your taxi for 30 seconds when you have a passenger (ped) without losing it.

Screenshot of new Taxi S.

Bus Driver Job
(Made by: @Chin)
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  • Job markers
  • Job Vehicles
  • Job Instructions
  • Payments
  • Job Progress

Job Markers

The first location where you can get the job is from the Civilian Headquarters in San Fierro. You can mark the location by typing the command /gps then type in the search textbox the keyword "Civilian" or the full name of the place.
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Double click the name and you are done marking the location.
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From there, you can start the job either in Los Santos or in the city where you currently at (San Fierro). You can teleport to Los Santos by choosing the El Corona, Los Santos in the GUI when you enter the Bus Driver marker in Civilian Headquarters.
Click me
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In this tutorial, I chose the Esplande North in San Fierro.
Once you are there, click the "Have Job" button.
Click me
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Another place or location where you can get the job is the Los Santos Market Area (LMSA). You can mark the job in your /gps by typing a keyword in the textbox.
Click me
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Job Vehicles

Note: I won't be detailed about the vehicles' statistics. You can compare the job vehicles in-game if you want since the details about them are listed in the GUI.

You can find a marker where you can buy a job vehicle in either job locations you choose. Enter this marker and press Z then choose the vehicle you want. There are two job vehicles for this job, the Coach and the Bus.

Coach was said to be faster than Bus since it has higher acceleration, so I guess it's recommendable for this job. Still, it's up to you.
Once you have decided which vehicle to buy, simply press the Buy button in the GUI. Click me

Job Instructions

Once you bought the vehicle from the marker, you will spawn inside the vehicle. Or if you already have the vehicle, enter the vehicle to open the GUI to start the job.

In the GUI, you are able to choose which Route to take or to start, but I recommend choosing the closest starting route or the very first line in the GUI to avoid wasting time.

If you want to start from a specific location or city, I suggest you going there manually before starting the job.

Quick explanation about the Routes.

If you notice in the GUI,
'F' - Route goes forward one direction (east-to-west)
'B' - Route goes backwards one direction (west-to-east)
'A' - Route has sub-destination after main destination listed

Example Route:

SF Route 4B:Cranberry Station > Ocean Flats > Battery Point > Cranberry Station

As mentioned in the note about rout letters of the GUI, this route is Route Letter B which is West to East.

So if we look to our map,

this route should start backwards from East to South, South to West, West to North, then North to East.
So from (EAST)Cranberry Station, going to (WEST)Ocean Flats, then to (NORTH)Battery Point, then finishing the route back to (EAST)Cranberry Station

It should work the same for Route 'F' which is East to West

For Route 'A' which has sub-destination after the main destination, it isn't really a complicated one and a self-explanatory as explained in the description.

Now that we know how the Route Letter works, we also need to know a few reminders about the job.

First is the difference about the green and the red checkpoints/blips.

Green checkpoints are basically guide checkpoints as you go around the road. Pay a little attention to your radar as these green checkpoints will appear as green blips on your radar to guide you. There's an arrow inside the green checkpoints as well as additional guide.

Now Red checkpoints are simply the bus stops. Make sure that you are not exceeding the speed limit of entering this checkpoint which is  35 KM/H (20 MPH).

Speed limit and the information listed below can be found on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Once you successfully stopped at the red checkpoint,

press N to open the door to unload/load passengers.

Wait your passengers for a few seconds

Once all the passengers have boarded, press N again to close the door and proceed to the next checkpoint.


Notes: - Route that pays the most is LS Route 32.
          - The payment you receive can be different from the list below sometimes but it shouldn't be too low.
          - These are for L10 Bus Drivers with VIP Hours.

Show content
Los Santos Routes

LS Route 1: East Beach > All Saints Hospital > Santa Maria Beach
Route Bus Stops: 29 stops
Route Driving Distance: 13.8 km
Payment: $85,110

LS Route 2: Conference Center > Grove Street
Route Bus Stops: 20 stops
Route Driving Distance: 10.7 km
Payment: $55,581

LS Route 3: Vinewood ( East ) > Vinewood ( West )
Route Bus Stops: 12 stops
Route Driving Distance: 4.7 km
Payment: $36,636

LS Route 4: Grove Street > Los Santos Country Club
Route Bus Stops: 20 stops
Route Driving Distance: 7 km
Payment: $58,013

LS Route 5F: East Beach > Glen Park > Santa Maria Beach > East Beach
Route Bus Stops: 21 stops
Route Driving Distance: 8.9 km
Payment: $65,564

LS Route 5B: East Beach > Santa Maria Beach > Glen Park > East Beach
Route Bus Stops: 23 stops
Route Driving Distance: 9.5 km
Payment: $70,317

LS Route 6: West Prison Release > East Prison Release
Route Bus Stops: 23 stops
Route Driving Distance: 7.5 km
Payment: $68,416

LS Route 7: Los Santos International Airport > Observatory > Unity Station Terminal 1
Route Bus Stops: 21 stops
Route Driving Distance: 15.5 km
Payment: $60,369

LS Route 8: Ocean Docks > LSPD > All Saints Hospital
Route Bus Stops: 19 stops
Route Driving Distance: 10 km
Payment: $55,042

LS Route 9: Unity Station Terminal 1 > Market Station
Route Bus Stops: 19 stops
Route Driving Distance: 7.5 km
Payment: $53,012

LS Route 21: Unity Station Terminal 2 > Dillimore
Route Bus Stops: 13  stops
Route Driving Distance: 5.7 km
Payment: $43,416

LS Route 22A: Unity Station Terminal 2 > Montgomery ( Hampton Barns )
Route Bus Stops: 16 stops
Route Driving Distance: 5.1 km
Payment: $56,602

LS Route 23: Unity Station Terminal 2 > Palomino Creek
Route Bus Stops: 14 stops
Route Driving Distance: 6.5 km
Payment: $54.312

LS Route 24: Unity Station Terminal 2 > Blueberry
Route Bus Stops: 15 stops
Route Driving Distance: 7.3 km
Payment: $57,839

LS Route 25: Unity Station Terminal 2 > Angel Pine
Route Bus Stops: 18 stops
Route Driving Distance: 11 km
Payment: $74,692

LS Route 31: Unity Station Terminal 3 > Cranberry Station
Route Bus Stops: 24 stops
Route Driving Distance: 8.4 km
Payment: $96,189

LS Route 32: Unity Station Terminal 3 > Angel Pine > Avispa Country Club
Route Bus Stops: 25 stops
Route Driving Distance: 13.7 km
Payment: $106,579

LS Route 33: Unity Station Terminal 3 > San Fierro Employment Office
Route Bus Stops: 26 stops
Route Driving Distance: 11.9 km
Payment: $105,711

LS Route 34: Los Santos Country Club > San Fierro Pier 69
Route Bus Stops: 22 stops
Route Driving Distance: 7.9 km
Payment: $85,610

San Fierro Routes

SF Route 1: Avispa Country Club > Employment Office
Route Bus Stops: 16 stops
Route Driving Distance: 1.9 km
Payment: $45,974

SF Route 2: Foster Valley > Battery Point
Route Bus Stops: 18 stops
Route Driving Distance: 4 km
Payment: $53,614

SF Route 3: Missionary Hill > Cranberry Station > Pier 69
Route Bus Stops: 23 stops
Route Driving Distance: 4 km
Payment: $60,823

SF Route 4F: Cranberry Station > Battery Point > Ocean Flats > Cranberry Station
Route Bus Stops: 17 stops
Route Driving Distance: 2.8 km
Payment: $48,810

SF Route 4B: Cranberry Station > Ocean Flats > Battery Point > Cranberry Station
Route Bus Stops: 17 stops
Route Driving Distance: 3 km
Payment: $49,395

SF Route: 41: Cranberry Station > CITy Village > Fort Carson Hospital
Route Bus Stops: 16 stops
Route Driving Distance: 5.9 km
Payment: $64,482

SF Route 42: Cranberry Station > The Big Ear > Sherman Dam
Route Bus Stops: 19 stops
Route Driving Distance: 8.7 km
Payment: $77,332

SF Route 43: Cranberry Station > Bayside Marina > El Quebrados > Las Payasadas
Route Bus Stops: 20 stops
Route Driving Distance: 14.3 km
Payment: $79,733

Job Progress

Green Checkpoints or Guide checkpoints - Won't be counted as Job Progress
Red checkpoints or Bus Stops - Will be counted as Job Progress (Closing the door(before leaving) is where the bus stop will be recorded as your job progress).

Paramedic Job
(Made by: @Wickness)
Show content

Hello, today I am going to explain Medic job with details.




Q: Where can I get medic job?
A : From any hospital interior.

Q: How can I heal players?
A: You'll get a spray can when taking the job, aim and use it to the players to heal them.

Q: Why im not getting the money when healing players?
A: You get the money 10 Seconds after healing them.

Q: How do I know my medic level?
A: You can know your level in medic by using /stats > clicking on your name > scrolling down to Medic Level.

Q: How to know my total heals?
A: Use /qs heals.
Q: How to get heal points fast ?
A: Attend Criminal eventst/.

Q: How to know my heals in a Criminal event?
A: Use /myheals.

Q: Do I get money from healing my group mates in LV?
A: Yes, you do.

Q: What else can Paramedic do?
A: They can cure you from the disease and kill the virus. Paramedic will recieve a bonus for doing that.

Q: How can I do the Medic side mission
A: You need to have an Ambulance or a paramedic job vehicle, then head to red '+' blip and stand near the ped. Healing a ped will result in a reward which is 10 medkits. You can only heal 15 peds per hour.

Show content
FAQs taken from F1 Help panel.

You can open Medic Panel by pressing "F5" and mark the people who needs medic. You can heal them with your Spray when you go to next to him. You can also save the people from virus by healing them and you will be rewarded for this.

Medic Panel

Vehicles you can use as Medic;


Medic Car

If you pass the First Aid Level 1 course from /courses you can heal the people faster.

First Aid Level 1

If you reach L10 Medic (1M Heals) you can use /go medic and you can also use 'First Aid Bag' equipment from /equip section.

In the criminal events you must stay near of people who needs heal for heal them. You DON'T need to crouch or use spray. Criminals/Cops can't see medics and there isn't medic limit for criminal events.

Here is the little video from criminal event;

Medic job's side mission

Quote from Brian;

NOTE: Please notice me If I missed something or really important for add to the guide. Updates will be saved at changes log.

Trucker Job
(Made by: @Matt.)
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Job Guide ~ Trucker


Truckers transport finished goods and raw materials over land to and from manufacturing plants, retail, and distribution centers. Truckers are expected to be quality drivers, with the ability to properly operate large vehicles with attacked trailers, as well as to be able to endure long drives and drive carefully on highways.

Job Location(s)

~ 1. Los Santos - Ocean Docks -
Show content
~ 2. San Fierro - Easter Basin -
Show content

NOTE: Get into the interior and then you will find the checkpoint, and then press "Have Job"

Vehicle(s) You Can Use For This Job

You Can Buy These Vehicles At Heavy Car Shop Or Spawn It For Free At The Checkpoint Besides The Job Place.

1. Linerunner (ID: 403) -
Show content

Price: $300,000.
Engine Acceleration: 10.
Max Velocity: 120.

2. Roadtrain (ID: 503) -
Show content

Price: $300,000.
Engine Acceleration: 10.
Max Velocity: 120.

3. DFT-900 (ID: ?) -
Show content

Price: $300,000.
Engine Acceleration: 10.
Max Velocity: 120.

Skin(s) You Can Use For This Job

~ You Can Use ALL Skins For This Job ~

How To Work As Trucker?

~ 1. Get the job (Choose one of two places, at Los Santos or San Fierro) -
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~ 2. Get a truck. -
Show content
~ 3. Load your truck with resources/pallets/cargo. (There will be some blips, go there) ~
~ 4. After your truck loaded, deliver the resources/cargo, go to the truck blip. -
Show content
~ 5. Keep delivering until all resources are delivered. ~
~ 6. Reload your truck with resources. ~

Here's a video about trucker job. Credit goes to @Suix
Show content

Job Payment

~ You Get Money, This Depends On Distance And Level. ~
~ You Get Some Resources, they're Oil, Wheat, Money, Explosives. ~

Job Ranks & Requirements

Level 0SELAUnlicensed TruckerSELA0 Miles
Level 1SELALicensed TruckerSELA4,20 Miles
Level 2SELAAdvanced TruckerSELA8,40 Miles
Level 3SELACommercial TruckerSELA1,260 Miles
Level 4SELALight Load TruckerSELA1,680 Miles
Level 5SELAMedium Load TruckerSELA2,100 Miles
Level 6SELAHeavy Load TruckerSELA2,520 Miles
Level 7SELAExpert TruckerSELA2,940 Miles
Level 8SELAExecutive TruckerSELA3,360 Miles
Level 9SELAChief ExecutiveSELA3,780 Miles
Level 10SELAMaster TransporterSELA4,200 Miles

Other Information That May Help You

~ After reaching the Level 10, you'll be able to switch to this job using "/go Trucker" ~
~ After reaching the Level 10, you'll get "American Trucker" achievement and $1,000,000. ~
~ You can mark the job via /gps -
Show content
~ You can go to SF Employment Office and warp to the job place. -
Show content
~ You can use radio chat to talk to other players who is working as the same job (Trucker), the command is "/r". ~
~ You can see the job statistic & level by pressing F5. Here's the GUI. -
Show content
~ To check other players who is working as the same job (Trucker), you can use F1 > Players or /stats -
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~ This is the resources blips locations, here are the blips explanation. -
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~ You can download a vehicle mod via /vehmods. It replaces DFT-900 and will looks like this. -
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Pilot Job [Not ready yet]
(Made by: @KhoaBui 
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Pilot Job Guide

Purpose of this guide:
The reason why this topic exist is to replace the old guide written by LawlietPay. Sorry if I offended you but the newbies needed a new one that contains the most up to date information. This guide also has a second part which contains some of the best tips and tricks to help you fly safer and as real as possible. If you found some mistakes and errors in this guide or have some extra tips and tricks. Please, please, please let me know. I would so damn glad to fix or add them.

Part One: The Basic

In-Game Pilot Panel Description:

In-Game F1 Panel Description:

Your job as a pilot is to transport the imaginary passengers and cargo to various destinations in San Andreas. Depending on the aircraft type you are flying, you will be given a specific location. The payment of the pilot job varies by the rank (or level), aircraft type, destination, and either VIP or no VIP.

Job Locations:
In order to work as a pilot you need to be employed as a pilot (duh). So how do you get this job in CIT? There are three different locations for you to get the job depends on where you are:
  • If you are in Los Santos, you can just go straight to Los Santos International (aka LSA). But wait, wait, wait, don't go into the airport yet! The job location in LSA is actually outside of the airport. From the entrance, turn right and head to the control tower, and you should see the interior marker on the side of it. Right here
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  • The same in San Fierro, head to the control tower inside the airport (yeah, inside :lenny:). You should see the marker next to the KLM base. Right here
    Show content
  • In Verdant Meadows, you will have to go the office instead. And you will see a big old fat marker right in front of the desk.
    Show content
    If you can't see this marker... sorry, go get another job.
Once you stepped into the marker, you will be teleported into the airport interior (pretty nice, huh?), though the Verdant Meadows Airfield doesn't have this
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Then proceed to the big old fat ass marker right in front of you (hey, there's only one marker in the interior. Oh you're talking about that blue one on the other side? That's for KLM Employees only)
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Once you stepped inside that marker, a GUI will appear on your screen. Just select a job skin then click on 'Have Job'
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After that, you will be informed by a text appears on top of your screen saying "You are now employed as a Pilot!" (Yay!!!)
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Now I am a Pilot. But how do I work? You ask. Well, go to one of those markers around the airport and spawn an aircraft. However, before you proceed to spawning one. I got something to remind you first.

Aircraft Types:
To work as a pilot, you will need to spawn an airplane. And guess what? You have a wide variety amount of aircraft to choose from. They are (ready for this?):

General Aviation

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Show content

  • Good stability (behind the Beagle) and engine power making it an excellent choice for beginners.
  • It's not a fast plane but not slow, either.
  • Good glide ratio making it more reliable when out of fuel in mid-air.
  • Small wing pan, fits good for tight spaces.
  • Short takeoff distance.
  • Decent climb speed.
  • Not suitable for impatience pilots.
  • The faster it is on the ground, the more unstable it will become.

Show content
Show content

  • Excellent stability thus making the landing a lot easier.
  • Acceptable handling.
  • Short takeoff distance.
  • Fair glide ratio when out of fuel in mid-air.
  • Its engine power is insufficient for high speed flights.
  • Slow climb speed.
  • It has a long wing span making it difficult to fly in tight areas.

Show content
Show content

  • Its incredible maneuvering capabilities making it one of the best and most agile planes in the whole game, even better than the Hydra and Rustler.
  • Faster than the Dodo and Beagle.
  • Best aircraft for performing aerobatics.
  • Has an amazingly short takeoff distance.
  • Not much to say about its sensitive control. Not recommended for beginners. Even the professionals can be over correcting which can get worse.
  • She will stall if not careful when executing extreme tight turns due to its slow speed.
  • Landing could be a bit tricky due it being a tail-wheel plane.
  • Has a slow climb speed.
  • Poor glide ratio when out of fuel in mid-air.

Show content
Show content

  • It has a great handling. Excellent choice for pilots who are just learning to fly jets.
  • Sufficient engine power, suitable for high speed flights.
  • Great climbing speed.
  • Excellent glide ratio when out of fuel in mid-air.
  • Able to carry an unlimited amount of passengers (yup, unlimited).
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Due to its long wing span and high speed. Extreme caution should be executed when flying in tight areas.
  • Its wings are relatively low to the ground. The pilot should pay extra care when landing, otherwise he/she can scrape one side of the wings on the runway.


Show content
Show content

  • Excellent glide ratio when out of fuel in mid-air.
  • Excellent climb speed.
  • Sufficient engine power, excellent for high speed flights.
  • Able to carry an unlimited amount of passengers. However, it can only transport a few vehicles.
  • No questions on its popularity in parachute drop events.
  • Because of its size and speed. Landing takes some skills.
  • Once it has gained some speed on the ground, it will be hard to stop.
  • Sluggish controls.
  • High fuel consumption.

Show content
Show content

  • Sufficient engine power, excellent for high speed flights.
  • Great climb speed.
  • Excellent glide ratio when out of fuel in mid-air.
  • Able to carry an unlimited amount of passengers.
  • Slightly higher payment than the Andromada.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • When it comes to landing, this bitch is a no joke for the professionals and a disaster for amateurs. It takes some serious skills to land perfectly.
  • Sluggish response on the ground. Extra care should be taken because once she has gain the speed, it will be really hard to stop.
  • The original AT-400 has a tendency of having tail-strike on takeoff and landing unless using mods.


Show content
Show content

  • Able to land on water.
  • Pretty stable.
  • Slow, sluggish, and heavy.
  • Not suitable for tight spaces.

Show content
Show content

The Maverick in the picture above is the GTA IV Maverick mod in /vehmods

  • Decent speed. Good choice for transport.
  • Decent lift off speed.
  • A bit fragile. It can only take several crashes and a small amount of bullets before it begins to smoke and break down.
  • Stability is not that great.

Show content
Show content

  • Acceptable speed.
  • Good stability and handling.
  • Able to carry an unlimited amount of passengers.
  • It is slow and sluggish sometimes.

Show content
Show content

  • Although it is slower than the Maverick. The Sparrow is still fast enough for an air transport.
  • Decent stability and handling.
  • Too fragile, a few shots can drop it.
  • As a trade off for its speed, it will lose the altitude quickly.

Job Ranks:
Did you know that the Pilot job has a ranking or leveling system? Yes, it does. The ranking system is there to help determine your payments. Otherwise, the AT-400 pilot would be ragequit if he gets the payment of the Dodo, and the Dodo pilot would exploit the shit out of those AT-400 ones, ok just kidding (◔◡◔). But seriously, the ranking system helps determine your payments. The higher the rank, the more you will get paid. However, to be able to achieve the higher ranks, there are also some requirements that you need to meet before touching those big cheesy payments. Below is the list of ranks and some features for some of them plus the requirements:
  • Level 0 - Student Pilot | Required: 0 Miles.
  • Level 1 - Aviator | Required: 660 Miles.
  • Level 2 - Licensed Aviator | Required: 1,320 Miles.
  • Level 3 - Advanced Aviator | Required: 1,980 Miles. Unlock: Shamal
  • Level 4 - Flight Engineer | Required: 2,640 Miles.
  • Level 5 - Flight Officer | Required: 3,300 Miles. Unlocks: Andromada, AT-400
  • Level 6 - Co-Captain | Required: 3,960 Miles.
  • Level 7 - Captain | Required: 4,620 Miles.
  • Level 8 - Executive | Required: 5,280 Miles.
  • Level 9 - Chief Executive | Required: 5,940 Miles.
  • Level 10 - God Of The Skies | Required: 6,600 Miles. Unlock: /go pilot (you will be able to start working as a pilot anytime, anywhere)
Note: Did I mention the payment will vary if VIP or no VIP? I did? Ok, well if you're working as a pilot with VIP, each of your payment will be increased by 20% regardless of rank, aircraft type and destination. So if you're an L10 pilot, flying AT-400 to a long destination, and now with VIP :lenny:
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Job Procedures:
Ok, enough theories. Let's get to the action!

So in order to spawn an airplane, head to one of those hangars and you will a marker in front of them. Step in the marker, and a GUI will appear for you to choose an aircraft.
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After you've picked an aircraft and spawned. Look up on the top of your screen. There will be a text telling you to pickup either passengers or cargo.
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Now look on your minimap, do you see this sucker? Follow it until you see the big old fat marker. That's for you to pickup the niggas, I mean the passengers.

Now, except for the AT-400, Andromada and Shamal. When picking up the passengers, your screen will fade to black then back again. Indicates that your passengers have boarded. Now look up on top of your screen again, you have been given a destination.
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Again, follow this sucker on your minimap until you reached your destination. After you have landed, just taxi to the marker and receive your payment. Congratulations! You have completed your first flight in CIT. Oh wait a minute, I am being asked to pickup another passenger. That's right! After you have completed the previous flight, you will be asked to pickup another passenger for the next flight. This process will continue on until you leave your aircraft.

Oh, one more thing: Anytime you receive an "Undesignated Landing Area" (for Dodo, Beagle, and Stuntplane only)
Show content

Before you takeoff, open your F11 map and check to see where that sucker is. Don't worry too much about it, all it is is just a destination outside of those boring airports (yup, time for some adventures!). Those destinations will only be at one of those domestic locations listed below for general aviation with a spoiler next to it. Check them out!

Ok, I have listed all of the destinations in the San Andreas so you can expect where you will eventually fly to.

General Aviation
1. Domestic:
  • Los Santos International.
  • Easter Bay Airport (aka SFA).
  • Verdant Meadows Desert Airfield.
  • Bayside Marina
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  • Valle Ocultado
    Show content
  • Tierra Robada
    Show content
  • Fort Carson
    Show content
  • Los Santos Inlet
    Show content
  • Hankypanky Point
    Show content
  • Red County
    Show content
  • Red County (near Law Farm)
    Show content
2. International (Shamal only):
  • Chicago, Illinois, US.
  • Seattle, Washington, US.
  • Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Vice City, Florida, US.
  • Toronto, Canada.
  • Houston, Texas, US.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, US.
  • Washington, D.C., US.
  • Montreal, Canada.
  • Liberty City, New York, US.
What? No pictures? Well, about these locations. They are just a blank point on the map. You just fly there then return back.

3. Special (thanks to LawlietPay for the list and the images):
  • Mount Chilliad
    Show content
  • The beach next to Los Santos International
    Show content
  • West side beach of San Fierro
    Show content
  • On the side of the highway in East Los Santos
    Show content
  • Next to Hunter Quarry
    Show content
  • On the farm in Flint Range
    Show content
  • On the farm in Blueberry Acres
    Show content
  • On the pier in Verona Beach, Los Santos
    Show content
4. Miscellaneous:
  • Redirected flights: your passengers changed their mind, they want you to take them to a different airport.
  • Timed flights: looks like you have a passenger who overslept and rushed to the airport. Now they need you to take them to their destination so they can catch their next flight. Hurry!

1. Domestic:
  • Los Santos International.
  • Easter Bay Airport.
2. International:
  • Chicago, Illinois, US.
  • Seattle, Washington, US.
  • Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Vice City, Florida, US.
  • Toronto, Canada.
  • Houston, Texas, US.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, US.
  • Washington, D.C., US.
  • Montreal, Canada.
  • Liberty City, New York, US.
3. Special:
  • Engine failure: You are either cruising in the air or just took off, and your engines just quit on you. Now your objective is to return back to either LSA or SFA depending on the text that appears on top of your screen.
  • Aileron failure: The same as engine failure. Instead it's your ailerons that have been damaged.
  • Elevator failure: Same thing.
  • Rudder failure: Same.
4. Miscellaneous:
  • Redirected flights.

1. Maverick and Sparrow:

- Domestic:
  • Los Santos International
    Show content
  • Commerce, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Glen Park, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Vinewood, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Muholland, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Richman, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Market, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Santa Marina Beach, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Easter Bay Airport
    Show content
  • Palisades, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Garcia, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Avispa Country Club, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Ocean Flats, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Battery Point, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Financial, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Tierra Robada, Tierra Robada (Mike Toreno's Ranch)
    Show content
  • 'The Big Ear', Bone County
    Show content
  • Valle Ocultado, Tierra Robada
    Show content
  • Bayside Marina, Tierra Robada
    Show content
  • Verdant Meadows Desert Airfield
    Show content
- Special:
  • Redirected flights.
  • Timed flights.
  • Five requested destinations on radar. Much more like a helicopter tour
    Show content

3. Leviathan and Raindance:

- Domestic:
  • Los Santos International
    Show content
  • Playa del Seville, Los Santos (Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Ocean Docks, Los Santos (Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Ocean Docks, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Ocean Docks, Los Santos
    Show content
  • Santa Marina Beach, Los Santos (Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Easter Bay Airport
    Show content
  • Palisades, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Foster Valley, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Esplanade North, San Fierro
    Show content
  • Fisher's Lagoon, Red County (Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Blueberry, Blueberry Acres, Red County
    Show content
  • Tierra Robada, Tierra Robada (next to Mike Toreno's Ranch, Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Whetstone, Whetstone (in Angel Pine Junkyard)
    Show content
  • Whetstone, Whetstone (next to Angel Pine)
    Show content
  • Verdant Meadows Desert Airfield
    Show content
  • Tierra Robada, Tierra Robada (in Bayside Marina, Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Hunter Quarry, Bone County
    Show content
  • Sherman Reservoir, Bone County (Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Tierra Robada, Tierra Robada (next to Valle Ocultado, Leviathan only)
    Show content
  • Green Palms, Bone County
    Show content
- Special:
  • Redirected flights.
  • Timed flights.
Phew! That was a long ass list, wasn't it? But hey, it helps the newbies to expect where they will be asked to go instead of just guessing.

Alright folks, that's it for part one! I hope the information helps you a lot especially for newbies and beginners. You may have noticed that I didn't list the locations of the vehicle spawners. Well, in that case, you have to find out yourself, it's really easy. In case you are still interested, feel free to dig into the part two of this guide which is still in the progress because it is really long and requires a lot of brains to understand :lenny:. Nah, just kidding, it's not that hard.

Part Two: The Advanced

In Progress...

PizzaBoy Job
(Made by: @AmR98 )
Show content

How can I get this job? You can take the job inside any of the two pizza shops.
  • LS : North of the All Saints Hospital, near mechanic job marker and graveyard armed robbery Screenshot
  • SF : Northeast SF, near vehicles recovery point. Screenshot
You can mark these locations via /gps then search for "pizza boy" Check this:
Show content

How to start working as Pizza Boy?
Mark the job via '/gps', once you get there, enter the interior and take the job then go outside and enter the orange marker to spawn a free "Pizzaboy scooter". Drive your bike into a floating pizza box that's right next to the shop. You'll be frozen for about 2 seconds. Afterwards you'll be given 10 pizzas that need to be delivered within 6 minutes time limit. The deliveries will be marked on your mini-map as red houses Once you arrive, you'll notice a ped with a big flare above its head, drive or walk near the ped to complete the delivery then you will receive the payment.

You'll then given a new delivery to make. When you make 10 deliveries, return to the restaurant to start this process all over again.

- You are allowed to exit the scooter, but will fail the delivery if you get too far away from it.
- You can purchase Pizzaboy scooter at any bike shop for $5000.
- You will fail the deliveries if the pizza gets too cold which takes 6 minutes.
- If a red house marker does not appear, try exiting and re-entering the scooter but don't go far away from it to avoid losing your mission.
- You can not load your scooter if you used a rapid transport in last 2 minutes.
- It's recommended to boost your Pizzaboy scooter in tuning shops to reach delivery points faster.

Job skin ID: 155 Screenshot

Job ranks
Job Requirements for each Level and Reward:

                    Level     -   Requirements     -    Prize (Per one Deliver)
L0     -   0 Deliveries         -   1600$
L1     -   60 Deliveries       -   1920$
L2     -   180 Deliveries     -   2240$
L3     -   540 Deliveries     -   2560$
L4     -   1200 Deliveries   -   2880$
L5     -   2400 Deliveries   -   3200$
L6     -   3600 Deliveries   -   3520$
L7     -   4800 Deliveries   -   3840$
L8     -   6000 Deliveries   -   4160$
L9     -   7200 Deliveries   -   4480$
L10   - 9000 Deliveries     -   4800$

- You'll get some bonus after delivering all pizzas before it get cold depending on how many minutes left.

News Reporter Job
(Made by: @Sultan.
Show content


  • You can take News Reporter job at Rodeo
    Show content
    (You will find the job there you will see a yellow marker in your minimap go there and get the job)
  • L10 News Reporter are able to use /go News Reporter
  • L9 Or less are not able to use /go News Reporter
  • You will see a blue skull in your minimap you have to go there and take picture of that people
  • The people you will take picture is the rich person not so rich example he have 500k+ in hand.
  • There is no skin for News Reporter job you can use the previous skin you have.
  • You can take the News Reporter job at Employment Office
If I forget something please tell me to add.

(Made by: @Ahmad3  )
Show content
Mechanic job
How You Can work as Mechanic

A Mechanic makes money by repairing the vehicles of players. To repair a vehicle, stand as close as you can, press ‘x’, select the vehicle followed by ‘Repair Vehicle’. The owner of the vehicle will then be notified and given the opportunity to accept or reject your services.When a mechanic repairs a vehicle they have a 20% chance of finding 15 engine parts.

Also you can work mechanic for another way :
You will see pink C icon in your map. Go there with a towtruck (That you can buy from LS docks truck shop, mark it via /gps) [Press Num_2 and Num_8 to control it] and take the abandoned vehicle. Then go to the truck blip in your radar to get paid by Iron.
There are 6 abandoned vehicles around LS at any time and 3 abandoned vehicles around SF. Iron amount is 2000 unit.

Job locations

1- Near the 'pay and spray' in North East LS by the modification shop
Show content
2- Near the 'pay and spray' in North Central LV
Show content
3- Near the 'pay and spray' in East San Fierro
Show content

Job skins 

ID:50 -
Show content

ID:268 -
Show content

ID:305 - 
Show content

ID:88 -
Show content

Also You Can work Mechanic with CJ skin ID:0

And Skin ID:192

Level - requirement - payment

L0 - Engine Enthusiast: $0 earned                                                                             
L1 - True Petrolhead: $25,000 earned
L2 - Hobby Mechanic: $60,000 earned
L3 - Apprentice Technician: $150,000 earned
L4 - Novice Mechanic: $350,000 earned
L5 - Advanced Mechanic: $800,000 earned
L6 - Experienced Mechanic: $1,400,000 earned
L7 - Motorsport Technician: $2,150,000 earned
L8 - Military Technician: $2,900,000 earned
L9 - Expert Mechanic: $3,750,000 earned
L10 - Xzibit: $5,000,000 earned

Waste Manager Job
(Made by: @Mo7ammad  )
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Waste Manger guide

Skin of waste manger job: ID 16
Where you can take this job: Junk Yard - Whestone San Fierro - Doherty

Vehicle you use in this job: Trashmaster Price: 5,000$
What do you do in this job You ride your trashmaster and search near houses to find this in the minimap, You get out of your vehicle and get the trash bag and put at the back of your vehicle, Each trash bag will give you 5%

L0. Sewage Pipe Cleaner – 0 Items
L1. Sweeping Brush  – 4,800 Items
L2. Litter Grabber – 12,800 Items
L3. Litter Bin Emptier – 24,000 Items
L4. Leaf Blower – 35,200 Items
L5. Rubbish Collector – 46,400 Items
L6. Rubbish Truck Driver – 59,200 Items
L7. Rubbish Truck Manager – 72,000 Items
L8. Sanitation Officer – 84,800 Items
L9. Sanitation Inspector – 97,600 Items
L10. Sanitation Chief – 112,000 Items

LS Miner Job
(Made by: @Mr.Zombiie)
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New Miner Job

Location East Los Santos
Location at map (F11):
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How can I work at the job? Go to any rock , click on fire ( left click ) and click on a rock then sell what you got at Market.  ( NOTE: to cancel/stop mining click on right click. )
Job skins: Skin ID 29 , Skin ID 9
Items you get from the job: Gold , Explosives and Iron.
What can I do with ''Gold'' instead of selling it? You can use ''Gold'' in crafting 'Wedding Ring''.
What can I do with ''Explosives'' and ''Iron'' instead of selling it? You can use ''Explosives'' and ''Iron'' in crafting all types of ammo , you can use iron in crafting another items as well.
How can I craft Items? Press on 'F9' button , click on the item you want craft , check if you have all requirements and click on ''Craft''. (How to craft items SS)
Job Ranks :
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L0. Training
L1. Junior Miner
L2. Senior Miner
L3. Assistant Specialist
L4. Specialist
L5. Professional Miner
L6. Expert Miner
L7. Chief Miner
L8. Elite Miner
L9. Executive Miner
L10. God of Iron

Some Screenshots of the job: Click here

(Made by: @RaMoS )
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How do I work as Lumberjack?

When you become a Lumberjack you will receive an assignment of trees which need to be cut down Go to the blip and then some small red square blip will appear. These small red blips represent trees that you have to cut. After you cutting down all the trees in a certain area you will earn some money. To cut down a tree select your chainsaw and stand near the tree and press your attack button.

Job Skin

                                                                                    ID:27 -
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Job location

 Blueberry in Red County.
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                        rank name - requirements

L0 - Training - 0 Trees cut
L1 - Junior Lumberjack - 200 Trees cut
L2 - Senior Lumberjack - 400 Trees cut
L3 - Assistant Specialist - 600 Trees cut
L4 - Specialist - 800 Trees cut
L5 - Professional Lumberjack - 1,000 Trees cut
L6 - Expert Lumberjack - 1,200 Trees cut
L7 - Chief Lumberjack - 1,400 Trees cut
L8 - Elite Lumberjack - 1,600 Trees cut
L9 - Executive Lumberjack - 1,800 Trees cut
L10 - Lumber God - 2,000 Trees cut

Iron Miner
(Made by: @MacMan )
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Iron Miner Guide
How To work this job
  • First you can mark this job by using /gps > Search for Iron Miner you will find it's location in LV.
  • Go to the yellow point in the map you will find yellow marker enter it and take the job.
  • Get any vehicle and get down, You will find squares in your minimap go to the green ones it contains more iron.
  • Face any wall and start mining by pressing left click in your mouse aka LMB.
  • When your area be 20% or under 20% you can't mine in it til it increase, Try to find better area.

Important Notes
  • Use VIP while working it will increase your payment 20%
  • Do the minerals courses it will increase your payment 10% and will make you level up faster and more money. How to make this courses ? Do /courses and press on minerals and buy it and read information and try to success in the exam.
  • Don't get bored fast and don't give up this job maybe a boring job but it will give you good money and it's from best Civilian jobs.
  • If you don't have VIP then use Sanchez vehicle because it's the fastest vehicle allowed to iron miner and it don't damage very fast it's very good vehicle!

Job's place:
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Requirements for each level:
Level - Grams required - Rank name

L0 - 0 Grams of Iron - Training
L1 - 6,000 Grams of Iron - Junior Miner
L2 - 12,500 Grams of Iron - Senior Miner
L3 - 25,000 Grams of Iron - Assistant Specialist
L4 - 50,000 Grams of Iron - Specialist
L5 - 100,000 Grams of Iron - Professional Miner
L6 - 200,000 Grams of Iron - Expert Miner
L7 - 375,000 Grams of Iron - Chief Miner
L8 - 750,000 Grams of Iron - Elite Miner
L9 - 1,250,000 Grams of Iron - Executive Miner
L10 - 2,500,000 Grams of Iron - God of Iron

-Vehicles (image):
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Delivery man
(Made by: @DarkBlood )
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Job Guide Delivery Man


You can take the Delivery Man job at Doherty, San Fierro, it similar to the trucker job but you will be delivering packages to stores inside the city instead. When you take the job go outside the building and select a vehicle from the marker, you can also purchase your own and use it for the job if you prefer. When you're in the vehicle look for the factory/warehouse icon . A GUI should appear after entering the marker with your job vehicle. Select an Item then press the "Add Parcels" to add and "Remove Parcels" to remove. Press "Confirm" or "Close Panel" when you're done and new icons with its own purpose should appear on your radar/map.

- BOBO Clothes
- ZIP Clothes
- PC Components
- Mail
- House Ornaments
- General Furniture

Go to any Icon to deliver the parcel and when you arrive on the location, park your vehicle and pick up the box behind it. Deliver the box in front of the house on foot and you'll get paid.

Job Location(s)

NOTE: Get into the interior and then you will find the checkpoint, and then press "Have Job"

Vehicle(s) you can use for this job

You can buy these vehicles at heavy car shop or spawn it for free at the checkpoint besides the job place.

Skin(s) you can use for this job

~ You can use ANY skin for this job

Here's a video about delivery man job. Credit goes to @CooLDuDe for making a new video of the new version of Delivery Man job.
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Job Payment

You will receive money right after you deliver a parcel.

Job Ranks & Requirements

Level 0SELATrainingSELA250 - Deliveries
Level 1SELAJunior Delivery ManSELA450 - Deliveries
Level 2SELASenior Delivery ManSELA900 - Deliveries
Level 3SELAAssistant SpecialistSELA1,350 - Deliveries
Level 4SELASpecialistSELA1,800- Deliveries
Level 5SELAProfessionalSELA2,250 - Deliveries
Level 6SELAExpert Delivery ManSELA2,700 - Deliveries
Level 7SELAChief Delivery ManSELA3,150 - Deliveries
Level 8SELAMaster Delivery Man SELA3,600 - Deliveries
Level 9SELAExecutiveSELA4,050 - Deliveries
Level 10SELAPresident and & CEOSELA4,500 - Deliveries

Cave Miner
(Made by: @Lejonet102 )
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⚒ Cave Miner Job Guide ⚒

1. Basic Informations

Job Description:
New version of Cave Miner recently got added (21st April 2019) added variant of a Miner Job. Cave Miner can mine Iron, Gold and also Sulfur. It shares the progress with 2 other Miner Jobs (Iron Miner (LV) and LS Miner)

Job Location: Near Angel Pine

Job Progress:
Shared with other Mining Jobs
L0 - 0 Grams of Iron - Training
L1 - 6,000 Grams of Iron - Junior Miner
L2 - 12,500 Grams of Iron - Senior Miner
L3 - 25,000 Grams of Iron - Assistant Specialist
L4 - 50,000 Grams of Iron - Specialist
L5 - 100,000 Grams of Iron - Professional Miner
L6 - 200,000 Grams of Iron - Expert Miner
L7 - 375,000 Grams of Iron - Chief Miner
L8 - 750,000 Grams of Iron - Elite Miner
L9 - 1,250,000 Grams of Iron - Executive Miner
L10 - 2,500,000 Grams of Iron - God of Iron

2. Job's Prerequisites (Requirements/Essentials)

The Job is quite simple.
It does not require anything. Why? You can earn explosives from the job by mining Sulfur Rocks (but this is currently bugged so buying or having explosives at first is needed) For the best experience it is recommended to buy(F7)/craft(F9) few Jerry Cans and own few Explosives.
We will use a Pickaxe that will be given to us for free upon the beginning of the Job.

3. How to work - Step by step

First, we need to go to the Job's Location (see map above). There, we will find 2 markers:

We need to enter the marker on the right first to start the job.
Then, we will enter the arrow on the left to go to the Cave.

After entering, we will see the Cave entrance area

Slightly further, we will have to choose tunnel

To the left, we will find Iron and Sulfur. To the right, Gold.

If we continue with the left tunnel, we will be able to mine Sulfur, which will give us Explosives
(and therefore we do not need to buy them).

Then, further down, we will encounter a lot of Iron and some Sulfurrocks.

How to mine? Simply walk to the rock and notice the information in the bottom right corner of your screen:

GPS Position does not concern us very much.
Integrity - this basically means how much more is left for us to mine.
If the integrity is 25% or below, then we will not be able to mine any further.
Surface inspected - type of the rock we are facing
Sulfur quantity - the type of mineral we will mine (Sulfur = explosives) and RICH means we will get a lot of it when mined.
There can also be AVERAGE and POOR quantity - this will not give a lot, so we should always try to find RICH rocks.

To start mining, we simply click Left Mouse Button. If it's Sulfur, then we will just drop a debris for us to pick up.

However, if we are mining Iron and Gold, we will place a dynamite (costs 2 explosives to mine them)

After the time runs out, there will be a small explosion that will spawn debris for us to pick up.

If we go down the left tunnel, we will reach a huge Iron an Sulfur area

While exploring, we can reach drowned tunnel.
It can be reached by going to the left after reaching the huge area
(it's the right entrance on the screenshot below)

Before it, there will be a pump with a red marker next to it

Simply enter the marker and there will be an information in the bottom right corner

After pressing 'N' (if we have bought / crafted the Jerry Can), the marker will turn to green and the water will start to drain (~30cm every second).
We will also be rewarded with a small bonus to mine minerals for helping by draining the tunnels (10% - 50%).

This will lead us to another big area with a lot of Iron

Another worth mentioning area is the Sulfur dump, that can be found by going to the right after reaching the huge iron area
(we must go upstairs)

There's a hole in the floor that we can safely jump down into
(we will be able to easily find an exit from there, so don't worry)

Now we are only missing an explanation of what's in the right tunnel at the beginning

If we decide to follow this tunnel, we'll need another Jerry Can to drain it.
A long journey awaits, so be patient.

After walking / swimming through the green/grey rock, we will reach the Gold area

The brown walls will give us Gold, so we can easily mine here.
Going further down the tunnel will lead to another area, that is partially drowned and cannot be drained anymore
(similar to the Iron's drowned area)

4. What can I do with mined minerals?

Iron - we can use it (Car Factory), craft something with it (F9) or sell it (F7)
Gold - we can craft Wedding Rings (F9) that can be sold with a huge profit (F7) or directly sell the gold (small profit)
Explosive - we can use it to mine Iron & Gold, craft something with it (F9) or sell it (F7)

The guide has been created by me, however the format was inspired by Matt's Guide

Space Miner
(Made by: @TheHacker )
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Space Miner Guide

How to get the job?

- Open T/gps GUI panel then Press 'T' and type /search Space Miner (Tierra Robada) or T/search Space Miner. Here is the picture of the place
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. You can take the job from this marker
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Once you took the job, take space suit. Then go to the launch point
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and craft Space Rocket via F9. Once you reach space, open jetpack (/jetpack), make sure you are VIP or just open parachute so you won't fall down.

What are the resources to craft Space Rocket?

- 5 units of Chemical. 500 units of Nitrous. 5 units of Electronics. 100 units of Iron.
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How to craft Space Rocket?

- Make sure you are on launch point
Show content
. Then press F9 > Space Rocket > Craft. Make sure you have all the resources stated above.

How to take Space Miner job without going to the marker?

- You can only do that if you are L10 Miner. If you are, use /go Space Miner.

How to get Space Suit?

- You can get space suit access from T/shit or T/courses. Then click on 'Space Suit' course. Then take the test, it will cost $100,000 to enable it. Once you pass, press 'T' and type /spacesuit. You must answer all questions correctly.

What will happen if I go to space without using /spacesuit?

- Once you reach to space, you will automatically die.

To go to space, do I must need space miner job?

- No, it is not required, but you must have Space Suit to go to space or else you will die.

How to go from space?

- In order to exit/go from space, press 'T' and type /kill or just fall down.

How to go to Space?
- In order to go to space, you must have Space Suit and must've taken the job from the marker
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or use /go Space Miner if you are Level 10 Miner. Then stand on launch point
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. After that, press F9 and click on Space Rocket. Then press 'Craft' button, make sure you have all the resources
Show content
. Once you reach there, open jetpack or parachute so you won't fall down. You can also use Hydra to go to space.

Space Miner Ranks:

L0 - L0. Training
L1 - L1. Junior Miner
L2 - L2. Senior Miner
L3 - L3. Assistant Specialist
L4 - L4. Specialist
L5 - L5. Professional Miner
L6 - L6. Expert Miner
L7 - L7. Chief Miner
L8 - L8. Elite Miner
L9 - L9. Executive Miner
L10 - L10. God of Iron

Video made by @Petey

Got any other question or want to add something? Reply below!

Train Driver
(Made by: @SugarRush  )
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Job Description
As Train Driver you have to deliver either passengers or cargo to various places located on the rails of San Andreas. Take the job either at the unity station, market station or San Fierro station and enter a Tram or Streak for passenger missions, or a Freight for resource missions.

Passengers mission:
Enter a Tram or Streak and you'll be given a marker to board passengers. After loading you'll need to deliver these passengers to the next stop available and board other passengers that enter from that station.
Payment for this mission increases every time you reach a new level.

Resource mission:
To deliver resources, simply enter a Freight and head over to the loading marker. As soon as you enter your Freight as Train Driver, you can press 'N' to change your goods. When the loading is finished, simply head to the location marked on your map to deliver the resources.
Resources you can earn are: Engine Parts, Iron, Explosive, Chemicals, Electronics, Oil, Gold and Med Kit.

Simple Tutorial

1. First take the Train Driver Job located at Los Santos, Station and San Fierro, Cranberry Station.

2. The marker is visible when you look around, and There are two trains that you can use and they are Tram and Freight.

3. You will have to load a resource or passenger of where you have spawned the Train.

4. Every time you stopped at the certain locations of where your delivery at, you will received your payments there.

NOTE: Players with the Train Driver job can now do /warpstation to teleport to Unity Station in LS so that you can recover your train on the right tracks. Also you can use it to get back to the station if you derailed in the middle of no where.


1. Crowded place - There is a limit of speed there; so be sure to slowdown up to 40 - 50 kph. Otherwise, you will have to pay fined for 10,000$.

2. Derailed - Avoid over speeding of the two trains; because once they reached up to 150 kph, the train will start shaking and if it goes over 160 kph, your train will be derailed from the railways. You will lost your delivery, so you will have to retake it again.

3. Red Zone - Desired speed of 40 - 50 kph. This is for all three cities, Las Venturas, San Fierro, and Los Santos. Mostly the fined speeding commonly happened at San Fierro and Los Santos. (Referred to Number 1)

Inside of the Red-Zone picture below:

4. Pay Attention - when approaching to the red-zone there will be a message at the top of your screen.

5. Safe - Once you are out of the Red-Zone, there will be a message saying this:

The Three types of Trains

1. Tram - You will have to load a passenger in San Fierro or Los Santos of where you had spawned the Vehicle.
  • The limit speed of Tram is only 160 kph or else it will derailed if you go beyond that limit. Thus, you will lost your passenger.

2. Freight - You will have to load a resources by pressing "N" to choose of which one do you want to deliver and they are Oil, Gold, Chemicals, Electronics, Med Kits and Engine Parts.
  • The limit speed of Freight is only 150 kph or else it will derailed if you go beyond that limit.

3. Streak - This is the same as Tram which you will have to load a Passenger in between Los Santos or San Fierro to start the mission.

Refuel System:
  • It costed 100$ per liter which mean when you refuel about 30% it will be 3,000$ and not 10,000$ like it used to be.

Percentage of the Fuel (Affect the Train's speed)
  • 80-120% of Fuel - will let you go over 160 KPH
  • 50-79% of Fuel - You will have a limit of Speed, which is 120 KPH.
  • 10-49% of Fuel - You will have a limit of Speed on Train, which is 50 KPH.

Speed of Trains

The Streak and Tram are basically the same. I passed a lot of Trams while in the Streak though.

Note: Each Train has the exact same Speed, they all should derail at the same speed. Though they might have different acceleration

Speed limits in Miles Per Hour (MPH): - @HarwoodButcher
  • Stopping for loading and unloading - about 14 MPH
  • Stopping for fuel - about 8 MPH
  • Red Zones - 30 MPH or less (37 MPH or less with the Speed Limit Perk)
  • Speed limit for the shaking screen - 95 MPH
  • Speed limit until the train derails - 100 MPH

The costs of Trains
  • Tram - It costs 2,000,000$
  • Freight - It costs 2,000,000$
  • Streak -It costs 2,000,000$

You can buy this trains at Los Santos, Station.

Job Ranks

L0. Trainee Conductor - 0 Progress Units
L1. Graduated Conductor - 42,500 Progress Units
L2. Novice Conductor - 127,500 Progress Units
L3. Veteran Conductor - 255,000 Progress Units
L4. Professional Train Driver - 425,000 Progress Units
L5. Control Room Employee - 680,000 Progress Units
L6. Control Room Assistant Manager - 1,062,500 Progress Units
L7. Trains Engineer - 1,572,500 Progress Units
L8. Control Room Manager - 2,125,000 Progress Units
L9. Control Room Headmaster - 2,677,500 Progress Units
L10. CEO of Railways - 3,272,500 Progress Units

Fining prices:
0 to 24H = $2,000
24H to 100H = $4,000
100H to 500H = $8,000
500H and higher = $10,000

Refilling prices: (Each litre)
0 to 24H = $20
24H to 100H = $40
100H to 500H = $80
500H and higher = $100

Additional Information.
1. I and SO team will try to provide more detailed information of what they have gathered from the Train Driver since we've got a new train that can deliver a resources and will
still be investigating and we will provide it here as soon as we got some information from it.

2. Lastly, I will be updating this one later as soon as the developers are done with the other stuff which I already mentioned. If there's something that I did not include, please kindly post it there and I'll be surely to added on you the credited part.

Video Tutorial.

Here is a video tutorial made by @Simo

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Job name: Hooker
Guide URL:

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Hunter job is a  century outdated here is a link to a more updated one