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Hunter Job Guide
« on: 13 04, 2020, 09:36:15 pm »

Hunter Guide

Hunter is one of the more complex jobs in CIT, but therefore also one of the more interesting jobs to play. As there is not a guide yet about the updated hunter job I decided to make it myself.
In this job you will need to hunt deer by at first looking for its traces and then finding and killing it. For every deer you hunt you get money and 100kg of meat in job progress.

F3 info:
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-- To work as Hunter you need to venture yourself into forests.

Hunting Club owner will give you a special decoy to locate deers inside forest.

Once you've found the area, collect at least 5 traces to find the real position of the deer to hunt.
Be careful not to make noise, so crouch or walk to keep the noise meter low.
You can use Sniper, Country Rifle and Pump Shotgun to hunt.

You can take the hunter job in the north of Angel Pine, more specifically at this location. Inside the interior you can find the job marker.
You can also use /gps to mark the job on your map.

There are four available skins to choose from when taking the hunter job.
Skin ID 1:
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Skin ID 2:
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Skin ID 15:
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Skin ID 133:
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There are two job vehicles that you can spawn: Dune and Sanchez.
However, you can also use your own personal vehicles or the jetpack to go to the area. I myself prefer using the jetpack.

There are three weapons you can use to kill the deer with: Sniper Rifle, Country Rifle, and the Shotgun. I would recommend using the country rifle to hunt with, because it has a high rate of fire and is very accurate.
If you use the shotgun to kill the deer, you will get this message: %u201CKilling the animal with this weapon contaminated its meat with lead. You'll get 70% of its value%u201D. You will therefore only get 70% payment, and thus it is not recommended to use the shotgun.

Step by step:
Once you have taken the job you will need to go outside and press %u2018N%u2019. You will make noise and an area with a red border will appear on the map. This is what the area looks like on the minimap. Go to this area, once you get close you might notice your noise meter rising.

Once this happens, you will need to exit your vehicle or jetpack and continue on foot by either walking or crouching, as you will make noise otherwise. If your noise meter rises above 85%, you will get this message: %u201CYou scared the living shit out of this area!!%u201D. This means that you have lost the deer and will need to try again by pressing %u2018N%u2019 again.

When you get close enough to the area, you will also start seeing green blips on the minimap. These are the traces that you will need to find, they look like this in-game. Once you have found five traces a red circle will show up on the map, close to the original area, in which the deer can be found.

This is what the deer looks like. If you get too close to the deer you will get this message: %u201CYou went too near the animal and it escaped!%u201D. You will have to start from the beginning again. Once you have spotted the deer you will need to kill it with one of the three weapons mentioned before. After you have killed it you can go to its corpse to get your reward, you will get money and 100kg of progress. Then you press %u2018N%u2019 again to start over.

Levels, Requirements, and Payment:
Level - Meat Required - Rank Name - Payment with VIP

L0 - 0 Kg of meat - Kid with Rifle - $?? Per deer
L1 - 1000 Kg of meat - First Gun - $?? Per deer
L2 - 3000 Kg of meat - New Hunter -  $?? Per deer
L3 - 6000 Kg of meat - Trained Hunter - $?? Per deer
L4 - 11,000 Kg of meat - Professional Hunter - $?? Per deer
L5 - 18,000 Kg of meat - Bird Hunter - $?? Per deer
L6 - 27,000 Kg of meat - Pig Hunter - $?? Per deer
L7 - 38,500 Kg of meat - Fox Hunter - $?? Per deer
L8 - 52,500 Kg of meat - Grizzly Hunter - $?? Per deer
L9 - 70,000 Kg of meat - Lion Hunter - $?? Per deer
L10 - 91,000 Kg of meat - Master of the Wood - $25200 per deer
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me the payment in the other levels!

Once you have reached level 10 you will be able to use the /go hunter command to take the job without having to go to the job marker.

Tips and tricks:
  • The deer will always be in the middle of the red circle, so do not get too close to the middle so you avoid scaring it.
  • You can use the jogger walk style to walk faster than with other walk styles, this is also faster than crouching.

If you have any other tips it would be great if you could share them!

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Re: Hunter Job Guide
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