Author Topic: Adding a new variant for the Super GT  (Read 649 times)

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Re: Adding a new variant for the Super GT
« Reply #15 on: 16 08, 2020, 04:48:44 pm »
Super GT doesn't have so many drivers except newbies and this suggestion may fix it. I checked those photos of the new variant and those photos are cool. Also, we shouldn't forget that most of the newbies go and buy like Super GT cars from car shops which means that the new variant makes it better with appearance for drivers. Therefore, I'm going to go with Positive.

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Re: Adding a new variant for the Super GT
« Reply #16 on: 16 08, 2020, 09:59:05 pm »
Definitely positive for this, that Super GT variants looks dope and it suits the look and feel of the game as it's literally the Super GT without a rooftop. The car lacks in customization so this new variant will surely be welcomed by anybody who owns and regularly drives this vehicle, such as me. Also considering the small size of the mod file being only 240 kilobytes, 99.99% of the server won't feel the performance impact at all.
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Re: Adding a new variant for the Super GT
« Reply #17 on: 17 08, 2020, 03:23:09 pm »
To be honest, The Super GT isn't useful as before, it's seldom you find someone who is using it or driving it continuously and I suppose it's due to the current variant. But as long as it's speed vehicle, and it might be useful for criminals/civilians and even the law side. I believe that it's an easy suggestion to be implemented and add the new variant. Subsequently, the vehicle itself will be useful by players since it has a good view nor awesome alter look. Not to mention that the variant that you've stated in your suggestion is realistic and creative. Also, it won't harm since it's a pickable variant(s). Therefore, it might be a great addition so I am definitely supporting this suggestion.
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Re: Adding a new variant for the Super GT
« Reply #18 on: 17 08, 2020, 04:36:16 pm »
I believe the current customization level Super GT offers is nothing compared to many other vehicles, hence having that variant added wouldn't harm. I'm certain that car without the rooftop looks so much better than the current version and everyone's gonna be happy about the addition of that variant. The mentioned car indeed is underrated at the moment due to it being not as attractive, you just compare it to Infernus or Turismo and you'll see everything yourself. However, if that suggestion is implemented we'll hopefully see more players drive it.

Absolutely supporting the suggestion.
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Re: [Vampire] Adding a new variant for the Super GT
« Reply #19 on: 18 08, 2020, 06:31:12 pm »
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