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CIT News | Salary System
« on: 17 01, 2020, 02:27:32 pm »

Salaries Manager: SalaR
Date of Creating The Salary System: 17.01.2020

This topic contains the Salary System of CIT News... For the efforts made by the team members of CIT News, they will be rewarded with Ingame money as a token of gratitude for their community contribution. Yes, making a page for the Magazine and sharing the new news of CIT will count as a contribution towards the community.

Salary System explanation
Salaries will be given each week for the Publisher's page. And the amount of the money will depend on some factors, there's no reward system as before as it was, it doesn't depend on points anymore.. it depends on your effort on the page. That's why your work must be done in a professional way and you have to hear others' suggestions in order to improve your page.


Submission Deathlock = Submitting your page after Saturday (each week) will count as a deathlock and thus the publisher will not get the salary, you have been already given 7 days to design your page and to get information so there's nothing invalid you can say about.

Cooperation = Not cooperating with your page partner will count as mischief and thus the publisher will not get the reward. The same goes for the other way around, if your partner is late, ask him to do his part by mentioning him. Overall be friendly.

Community Suggestions = It would be very important to view and to perform the community members' suggestions about your page in the publications in case you have something wrong with your page.
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