Author Topic: CIT News Anniversary (Appreciation Topic, Mega Competition, Party and more)  (Read 206 times)

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In this same day the previous year, we started something and we have decided to create a memorandum and a event in this occasion.
I have divided everything to parts

We are hosting a 20M puzzle/riddle (The prize have a chance of increasing upto 50M-100M later) . You need to join CIT News discord and react to the post on "20M Competition" channel" to take part in it. It will contain various stages and imitation and will also revolve around Ingame. The whole competition may be made into a documentary later.
Discord link -
To know, what kind of riddle it will be, you can check Mr BEAST riddle or Cicada 3101 on YouTube to get some experience

There will be a party Ingame in the main dimension on LS Beach. It will be announced on CIT News discord before 1 hour and 10 mins of the Party

In this fun occasion, why not make your desktop be a part of it with a CIT News wallpaper.
Click on the pic (To enlarge it) > Right click > View Image > For the best quality.

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Lets do this!