Author Topic: Abortion and your opinion about it  (Read 5705 times)

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Re: Abortion and your opinion about it
« Reply #75 on: 22 02, 2021, 02:47:56 pm »
Just because you believe, or think you believe, that it's better to be dead than to be hated by your parents, doesn't mean everyone shares your absurd thinking. That's called "preventive thinking" and is absolutely dumb to follow. That's like saying "lets send that random guy to jail because he could potentially end up as a murderer, we don't know if he will, it's very unlikely, but there's a chance he might be a murderer, so send him to jail before he commits a crime!".
idk why he has those negative thoughts. there are alot of kind people in this world, some people who actually talk to you, care for you for nothing in exchange and still he thinks that bad parents would make bad people. parents aren't the only people who have that much impact on their children bcz at some point these children wont be called "their children" but parents, civilians who have their job in society. they talk about the freedom to kill children while they take their freedom to be children.
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Re: Abortion and your opinion about it
« Reply #76 on: 04 03, 2021, 06:07:36 pm »
I consider it unfair with no doubts. that "Sperm" is a live human and if you allowed it to happen, you should carry responsibility. women who are regularly exposed to that or have regular intercourse should use condoms instead of doing such action, it is murder in my eyes and the eyes of many, this unborn child has nothing to do with your mistakes, but still, there are some cases where people see abortion as the best option for them.

1- Heavy poverty, where they foresee the child having no source of support, whether emotional, educational or economical.

2- Being a victim of rape, basically having no choice in whatever happened to you just because of a savage animal that victimized you.

In such cases, I'd say "Do the bad thing in order to avoid what's worse.", a child that comes from such poverty can end up as a criminal, suicide due to the environment around them and so on of tragedies.

There's no guarantee how a child can end up in such situations...
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Re: Abortion and your opinion about it
« Reply #77 on: 25 03, 2021, 11:29:45 pm »
Just wanted to add here and to the public in general that here in Argentina we have aproved the abortion past january. The congress tried to send this project past 2020 but got rejected. Now we can say that Abortion in this country is regulated and under our rules.
The situation is extremely sensitive as we have the church that of course is against this and at the same time we have the new generation (and some old too) of people that support this.
The abortion system is free and proceed under two express situations:

* Violation
* Therapeutic abortion (justified for medics)

I think that if it's well regulated and at the same we can guarantee the integrity of the person that decides this option, it will be really useful in order to prevent clandestine abortions.

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Re: Abortion and your opinion about it
« Reply #78 on: 30 03, 2021, 01:12:23 am »
Here is my honest opinion on abortion.
I 100% believe abortion is wrong. 10,246,987 abortions have already been done this year 2021. Out of these 10 million babies, each of them had the potential to change something in the world positively. You never know what can come your way. One of these babies could have found a better solution to reducing global warming when they reached the age. You should never abort your baby. Let them grow, teach them and show them the way of life so that they live a prosperous life. it's not fair that babies face the effect of the mother being irresponsible. Stand up and face abortion.
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