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[D] CIT News | 7FreT
« on: 19 12, 2020, 11:10:53 pm »

Section One: Accounts details

Your ingame nick:7FreT
Account name: amrking4000
Discord account name (Name#ID):7FreT#9238
Punishlog (Screenshot punishlog
Last application link (if any): Here

Section Two: Personal information

Country of residence:Egyptian
Introduce yourself:Hello, my name is Ahmed, from Egypt. I was born in 2001 in October on the 27th, and my family was very happy with my birth day because I was the first child, so my family was happy and after that I lived my life and at the age of four, my mother sent me to a nursery and I loved my friends so much that I was I lived the best days of my life, and then at the age of six, my mother sent me to Mustafa Abu Haif Elementary School, and it was the best day of my life when I joined this school and after that I was in the first grade of primary school and I had friends who were with me in kindergarten, but I also had some friends Therefore, I lived the best 6 years with them, so in the sixth grade I succeeded and graduated and moved to the school of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, middle school for boys, so I was in the right place because my friends and my sweetheart did not come with me to this school and everyone of them was in another school, but I also had a few of them in My school, but I missed my beloved, so I was in my ears, and after that I lived with my friends for 3 years in this school and after that I graduated and moved to high school and joined it for 3 years as well, and after that I moved to the engineering college because I want to be an engineer, but also I We are waiting for the army because I also want to be a captain in the army because I love him, but until now I don’t know whether to be a better engineer or commander in the army. I don’t know yet, but after I joined the college my girlfriend came there after waiting all this time so I don’t see this day every day We wait with each other and go out with us, and I have also proposed to her because I will marry her soon, and I also have a brother who is 13 years old and he is in sixth grade now because he is in a language school and I love him very much and he used to play the game with me but he left her and now I play alone but I am a fan of this game.

Section Three: General Questions

Why do you want to join the CIT News team and What do you think about CIT News?Well, to be honest, since I returned to the game again and after a lot of circumstances that forced me to leave the game, I have always been one of the people who want to join CIT News and also I love journalism and I love the news and I am active in the forum. It feels extraordinary when you film I love work. I have to photograph even when I am anywhere or like to take a lot of pictures that I also like. I think that I am very good at photography, and I will be better if I continue to work on myself more and I prefer that because I like adding some things that I am proud of one day and I will use all My skills and I will do my best for the team.
Which page do you want to be a part of?:Photography.
Prepare an example page with Canva and give us a preview link here: Canva  /  Here   /  Here

Section Four: Agreements

I will not try to slide in any false news:I agree.
I will be inactive without inactivity report:I will definitely do an inactive report before I go inactive
I will follow inactivity rules and if I break them I will be warned:I agree.
I will leak finished pages and CIT News private information:I will never do that
I will not leave the magazine from my first month of joining and will work as team:I agree.
I will not follow the leaders and my decisions will be final irrespective of what the leaders asked for:Of course I will follow the leader's instructions

CIT News Application From ©️
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Re: [Application] CIT News | 7FreT
« Reply #1 on: 20 12, 2020, 01:47:17 am »
Dear @7FreT,

Your application has been set as pending, please be patient until you get the result.

Follow these tips to avoid getting denied:
  • Avoid getting any punishments.
  • Don't PM any application manager to check your application status.

CIT News Manager, M4A1ASAD

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Re: [P] CIT News | 7FreT
« Reply #2 on: 21 12, 2020, 03:38:40 pm »
Dear @7FreT

I am dissatisfied to inform you that your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
  • Behavior issues in general.
  • Not enough effort made on the design you provided.
You may re-apply after 5 days if applications were open, thanks for applying and being interested.

CIT News President & CEO, Atheer
CIT News President & CEO