Author Topic: Add skin 147 and 295 to the jobs, Police Officer, Police Detective  (Read 862 times)

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hello everyone I have a suggestion, I found out two available skins are quite suitable for adding to Police Detective, but you also have skin 295 isn't he Mike he's a secret agent too covered, I feel pretty good adding to the Police Detective, besides this skin has a lot of people with Customskins on it and so I wanted to make it usable all but inside the deals. The Police Detective's appearance also has a lot of good skin, but it doesn't matter to the player to ask for it and It's quite like the police chief, don't get me wrong, it's just like that, skin 147 does looks like he should be added to the job for example, (Police Officer or Police Detective) for example, besides the skinning I requested seems quite suitable for Police sometimes players who have Customskins without permission Using the police job, that's the problem. As you know wanting to use these available skins is not available at the LSPD. That in the level 6 groups is only allowed to use them, so I would like to ask to add two skin 147 and 295  LSPD will match the police problem I explained to you, thanks for reading them and your time, best regards Avices

Note that this skin is available in the game for a long time, make no mistake that Mod it will take a lot of time
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I completely agree with this proposal. These skins are very suitable for police detective work and a many law group has these 2 skins. They should be used by police players without other groups. For example, a group still has (L6 + groups) skins that cannot be selected from LSPD. If one day the group with those skins resigns, they will not be able to choose these skins. So, my vote Positive

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great thing to add , these skins kinda occasion to Police officer and police detective jobs so i'm voting POSITIVE
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hello, I like this suggestion as these default skins are great for adding jobs (Police Officer, Police Detective), and I found it to be used only for level 6 groups besides it's good to add it. I will vote Positively
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Well these skin is more like detective type so adding them at that will be more suitable. Simple suggestion and these are hardly use by criminals, so adding them in police detective might make this skin used by the players. I am positive with this suggestion  :tick:
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Hello,This is a good Idea and it should be added to the cop job, because it has developed more than this humiliation.Totally Agreed,Positive.
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Actually yes mike toreno really suits the police detective job and it would be really great if we add it to LSPD.Also I think it won't harm anyone so I will vote Positive
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If one day the group with those skins resigns, they will not be able to choose these skins. So, my vote Positive
Greetings , I totally agree with avices suggestion and Reynmen opinion , so , if any group resigns or a group got deleted for such reasons , so we cannot use these skins . Besides , a lot of players got their personal skins on them .
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I agree with this suggestion Since some groups resign they own the skin of the  LAW but they don't have the police job so adding 295 to Police Detective will help them use the group's skin and I think, Positive

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hello this simple suggestion and I think adding these skins will suit the police and It does no harm to the player and it will have players using it with the skin (Group, Personal), Positive

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This is good. I prefer this skin than other. It looks like pretty good and useful. Positive from my side.
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They fit more Detective Job, not Police Officer. Added to Det.