Author Topic: Allow bus drivers to leave their bus (for a min or within a certain range)  (Read 992 times)

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Hi, this discussion is based on criteria 2: reducing inconvenience.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a moron who accidentally presses enter while driving either due to trying to type in localchat or because I somehow press f instead of d. If you do this while being a bus driver, your entire route is cancelled. This is an inconvenience as you have to start all over simply for being a moron. Or, your route is cancelled because you're trying to fix your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, and if you're a terrible driver like I am, this happens quite often. I'd like to see this changed, perhaps by allowing bus drivers to exit the vehicle for up to 1 minute, or allowing them to exit the vehicle and stay within a certain range.

What do you guys think?

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I already told Danzy to do that before implementing the script in CIT, though, he thinks that it's your own fault if you broke the coach and leaving it, he had much stress/work that night, anyways, let's see if this topic got much positive votes and then Danzy can work on it, count my vote as positive.
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It always happened to me when I worked as a bus driver, in the old system as well. Also, when my bus is broken down and I want to use a repair kit, you will have to restart the route for exiting the bus. For me, I think the best restriction is not going far from the bus for a certain range. This suggestion would be very useful if added and won't cause any exploits, in my opinion, so positive.

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I fully support this suggestion. Adding this suggestion to the server would be useful for CIT. And so it is in real life. When I go somewhere by bus, the driver often stops the bus and goes to the store (I'm talking about real life). So, my vote Positive

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@Danzy You know everything about this script  :-*

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I remember this happen in the old version of bus driver aswell really annoying because the bus got very low damage resistance and it is hard to maintain the bus health

i guess we need to add 30 seconds which is already implemented in yhe taxi driver job already. :tick:
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I sometimes accidently press Enter twice while chatting... my fault ofc, but when I do, I leave the bus and the route gets cancelled.
If it exist in Taxi Job, why not add it to Bus Job as well?  :thonk:


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I'm not playing as a bus driver, but that's look annoying, it makes the people hate this job and never play as a bus driver again, I see that giving the bus driver short time to do whatever he wants out of the bus is good, I might try this job soon. Positive
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this isn't bad, it happened to me the first time I worked as a bus driver , I just pressed "enter" for a reason which I don't remember ,and when I started driving again I realised that all what I did disapeared and had to start again . it's annoying to be honest cuz most of times we press the "enter" botton mistaklly and doing the whole route again is just makes it boring and useless to work as a bus driver again . im POSITIVE
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I used to be a bus driver I felt annoyed about me wrongly pressing "Enter" twice and I got off the bus and my route was canceled even I encountered this many times so I think Pretty helpful hints. to players who encounter many of these cases, Positively
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I think it would be better to allow the truck drivers to do so, and the fact that there are limits that they are next to the truck not to leave the lane and this would be better for sure. I am positive

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Danzy best did it  :thumb: