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[D] CIT News | Reynmen
« on: 11 01, 2021, 09:34:50 am »

Section One: Accounts details

Your ingame nick: Reynmen
Account name: Masi
Discord account name (Name#ID): Reynmen#8994
Punishlog (Screenshot's what Ptole said about my fullmute: Ptole said: I have asked Pilovali about this, and he recommended me to keep your fullmute, so I won't remove it yet. You're able to play the game now, so if you keep on behaving and don't receive any jails then I might consider removing it next time.)
Last application link (if any): -

Section Two: Personal information

Country of residence: Azerbaijan /
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Introduce yourself: Greetings first of all, my name is Mahammadali(But my friends call me as Masi). I'm 14 years old. I was born in Ganja, Azerbaijan and I'm currently living in Baku, Azerbaijan. I'm die hard GTA fan and I'm playing GTA games since 2012. I introduced to MTA in december 2017 by my  cousin EleMan. After 1 month we discovered a MTA server named CIT2. We joined CIT2 as criminal and enjoyed playing it. After few days I left criminal side and converted to cop. I played as cop few days until I discovered Military job. I loved Military job and played as Military until this job was killed. I loved Military job so much and currently my main goal in CIT is bringing back old Military/Rebel system . In april 2019 I joined DTAcademy group, this group helped me to increase my CIT and english skills. Now I usually play as police and sometimes as civilian. I'm very active police, I'm attending Criminal Events, Armed Robberies and Riots. I tried to revive some dead old groups in CIT, but I failed. I am loyal to my friends and family. I will remain loyal to you

Section Three: General Questions

Why do you want to join the CIT News team and What do you think about CIT News? Because I want to develop myself here and I follow CIT News closely and I always like it. Like some, I will not leave CIT News when there is a giveaway. I will be faithful. I like this work very much and I enjoy it. So I really enjoy editing pictures and I'm currently watching everything on CIT New's discord channel. Give me a chance and I will not disappoint you
Which page do you want to be a part of?: Photography or Video Editor
Prepare an example page with Canva and give us a preview link here: Click Me , Click Me

Section Four: Agreements

I will not try to slide in any false news: I will not
I will be inactive without inactivity report:I will not
I will follow inactivity rules and if I break them I will be warned: Yes
I will leak finished pages and CIT News private information:  I will not
I will not leave the magazine from my first month of joining and will work as team: I will work as a team and I will not leave
I will not follow the leaders and my decisions will be final irrespective of what the leaders asked for: I will follow the leaders

CIT News Application From ©️
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Re: [Application] CIT News | Reynmen
« Reply #1 on: 11 01, 2021, 11:51:24 pm »
Dear @Reynmen,

I am dissatisfied to inform you that your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
  • Massive Rulebreaker
  • Applications are open for comics (video editing/recording/memes) but I don't see you provided any of these. Photography applications are already closed.
You may re-apply after 5 days if applications were open, thanks for applying and being interested.

CIT News President & CEO, Atheer
CIT News President & CEO