Author Topic: [Arran] Crafting Armors' Materials will be based on how many armor you have left  (Read 1334 times)

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Marked as High Priority, 21 positive, 1 negative. However, I couldn't add [+++] because the title is too long but I set the topic sticky.

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I am an LV player. But actually the armor balance remains every time we craft the F9 thing to lose 20 oil and 200 iron. This too consumes too much oil and iron. I support this suggestion if the current amount of armor on you only needs 60. iron and 12 oil. in return we get quite a good armor. Positive/color]
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Brilliant idea I need to say! for example if I got half of the armor damaged and I want to craft armor again to make it full it is better to spend 50 iron and 10 oil it is the same system when you buy armor from the pickup you can buy armor for $700 when you already got some armor left. Positive :tick:

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It will be more fairly if we add this suggestion, I am still wondering, WHY those important suggestions didn't added years ago... I am supporting your idea. Voting positive.

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This idea is perfect for CnR players.Cops and criminals using  armor properly.Oil and iron is so important for us and this material system is so useful for us.Im supporting your idea and voting Positive  :tick:
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It would be fairer like this, and I don’t know why this suggestion was not suggested in the past, but this suggestion will definitely benefit the entire server, and it will be fairer. I am positive.
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- Crafting armor when you already have some will only take the resources proportional to the armor needed. (Arran + TroubleShot)
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