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31 05, 2023, 04:56:52 pm by BadBoy. | Views: 238 | Comments: 20

Good afternoon, everybody!
I have noticed that we only have 1 notification sound for messages in-game, It is boring and annoying at times.
So this idea of adding new notification sounds came up to my mind and I have chosen 4 which are used by apple mainly you hear them on the iPhone.
First one 19KB
Second one 53KB
Third one 46KB
Fourth one 29KB

If you want to hear the sounds, you can click on the links to download and heard them.
As you can see the sizes of the files are in KB, So their addition won't harm anything.
In order for this to be added, I'm going to need your support.
02 05, 2023, 07:13:48 pm by Chetan | Views: 426 | Comments: 43

Currently, we do not have a chat to co-ordinate with nearby players from the same team without letting opponents see our messages. In specific scenarios, having such a chatbox will prove to be useful rather than using localchat / teamchat / groupchat or fmsg. So, what I am suggesting is, having a command /loct which can be used to talk to nearby players from the same team.

Situations where it proves useful for the Police team -
  • At times when there are multiple calls, multiple group of cops might respond to these calls at the same time. In such case, using teamchat would cause a chaos
  • During a riot, when you want to co-ordinate with your peers using local chat but you don't want criminals to read these messages, nor do you want to use teamchat because there's already something else being talked about over there.

Situations where it proves useful for the Criminal & Gangster team -
  • There may be a riot & AR going on at the same time and at these places, using localchat will make messages visible to the opponents aswell, here /loct will show messages only to the robbers without creating a chaos on the teamchat
  • While a group of players are store robbing together and they get ambushed by cops, they don't want their strategy to be revealed through their local chat messages, here /loct will prove to be useful.

Situations where it proves to be useful for the Civilian Workers -
  • Well... I don't really know any scenario where civilians might want to hide their local chat messages from other teams, but just incase if they need, they have the option.

Summing things up-
  • Usage will be "/loct <message>"
  • Will show messages to nearby players of the same team
  • The messages will carry a (LOCT) tag instead of (LOC).
  • Can be bound as a chatbox to a key with the help of "/bind <key> chatbox loct"
29 04, 2023, 03:24:33 pm by Happy | Views: 289 | Comments: 34

Hi together, today I'm suggesting to have a squad logo over the squad info marker like groups have or being able to spray permanent graffiti (only for founder) inside the squad base.

Now that the groups already have this feature, I think the squads should have something like that too, but it should be a little different for the squads if it's possible, the squad must buy the logo over the info marker for example, 30 million for 30 days. After 30 days, the logo will disappear, and you will have to invest again same as the /customtitle system, or we give the squad founder the option to spray permanent graffiti on their bases that will stay forever and represent the squad.

In my opinion, the graffiti option would be the best option, since the logo above the info markers is a feature for official groups. So I think it would be great if every squad founder could permanently spray their graffiti on the squad base and mark their hoods with it.

29 04, 2023, 04:46:10 am by Justice | Views: 310 | Comments: 39

Being able to Buy Armor from Huntley (Mercedes G63 AMG)

                    Adding access to buy armor from this car will be an awesome addition as most of the criminals/cops/gangster nowadays use this vehicle for the criminal events. Since the majority of vehicles with this feature are used in situations like these, I believe this car deserves to have it.
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* Changelog

Sunday 4th June 2023
- You can now change the sound you get when somebody sends you an SMS. Phone > 'Phone settings' app > 'Change SMS sound'. (Danzy + BadBoy + MarK)
- Squads can now request info marker logo images the same way groups can, from the Land Development board. (Land Development Team + Happy)

Saturday 3rd June 2023
- Added some missing side jobs to job competition events. (Nuko + CoPe + TwCafe)
- FightForHonor promoted to L9. (GLM Team)

Friday 2nd June 2023
- You can now local chat with your team. Start the message with 't:' or use '/loct'. (Arran + Chetan)
- Criminals can now buy armor by pressing X and clicking on a Huntley. (Arran + Justice)
- Added :moai: emoji. (Arran + RoMaNa)
- Fixed some official civilian group jobs not being able to earn scores when participating in job competition events. (Nuko + CoPe + Magneto)

Thursday 1st June 2023
- Added more AI Upscaled clothes to CJ shops and removed GTA SA default ones. (daddy)

Wednesday 31st May 2023
- Fire Fighter side mission can now be played in LS. Enter a Fire Truck and press 'N' to begin. (Nuko)
- Added 60 CJ default clothes improved with AI upscaling inside "Shirt" category. (daddy)

Sunday 28th May 2023
- Fixed being unable to deliver the hijacker vehicle if the delivery point is within a riot area. (Nuko + ese)
- Fixed terminator hits ($5,000,001) not having the right advantages and disadvantages. (Danzy)

Friday 26th May 2023
- Increased max '/hitme amount' from $500,000 to $5,000,000 meaning terminator mode is now $5,000,001. (Arran + BadBoy.)
- Fixed not being able to be warped to the selected rapid transport location if that location is outside of the map area. (Arran + BadBoy.)
- Added a message when your VIP hours reach 0. (Arran + anomalous angel)

Sunday 21st May 2023
- Fixed being able to use /groupreward and withdraw money from a group back if your group is L0. (Danzy + TheHacker)

Saturday 20th May 2023
- Fixed being unable to earn job progress as Fisherman when having earnlimit. (Nuko + Bhairy)
- Fixed being able to get an abusable skin by intentionally triggering the health bug detection script to change your skin. (Arran + Alice)
- Right clicking the 'Deposit' button inside an ATM will deposit all of your cash on hand. (Danzy + Alice)
- Fixed alliances becoming bugged when the only alliance leader leaves the alliance. They must now promote the other group or delete the alliance instead. (Nuko)

Saturday 13th May 2023
- Improved '/lineselect' so it allows you to copy the entire grid of a GUI by holding LCTRL + right clicking on a line. (Nuko + Vampire + Medusa)

Friday 12th May 2023
- Removed safe zones making all vehicles non colliding which allowed wanted players to abuse. (Arran + North)
- Fixed medic in roleplay mode not being made invisible. (Arran + N3M3SIS)
- Fixed medic cross and name not showing properly. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed medic messages not showing when they're in ghost mode. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed not being able to automatically participate in 'SO Chase' events when setting 'State Official Events' is set to 'Enabled'. (Nuko + Saifo)

Thursday 11th May 2023
- CreativityAgency promoted to L6. (GLM Team)

Tuesday 9th May 2023
- CitiZeNs promoted to L8. (GLM Team)

Monday 8th May 2023
- Disabled crafting in event dimension to prevent getting weapons that aren't meant for the event. (Arran + WizarD)
- 1337 promoted to L9. (GLM Team)
- Improved the state official event limit so you can now keep on attending events until you've reached the maximum amount of money that can be earned before the limit resets, rather than being limited after winning an event. Use '/soevent limit' for details. (Nuko + NIGHTMARE + SO Team)
- Cristiano added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)

Sunday 7th May 2023
- Added name tags to hidden players to avoid any confusion about their presence. (Arran)
- Fixed civilians not being in ghost mode at armed robberies and riots. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)

Saturday 6th May 2023
- Fixed saving peds as fire fighter not being counted towards job competition progress. (Nuko)
- Fixed medic side mission (reviving peds) not being counted towards job competition progress. (Nuko + N3M3SIS)

Friday 5th May 2023
- Bases protected areas will not toggle if there is a player who isn't part of owning group inside the base. Neutral teams excluded. (Brian)
- Fixed gangsters being able to bypass the job quit when turfing restriction by using '/criminal'. (Arran + WooDy)

Thursday 4th May 2023
- Improved '/mutegr' so the radio stays disabled rather than it just muting the current song or streaming station. Use '/mutegr' again to enable. (Nuko)
- Terror_Company promoted to L6. (GLM Team)

Tuesday 2nd May 2023
- Fixed medics possibly being invisible inside event dimension. (Arran + WizarD)
- Fixed quit job being broken since yesterday. (Arran + Brian)

Monday 1st May 2023
- Fixed gangsters being able to abuse quitting their job while they're turfing. (Arran + Timbery)

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