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08 06, 2021, 12:19:02 am by HosttyBoy | Views: 481 | Comments: 20

Suggestion : Enabling protected area at the CE entrance from the moment CE starts until the 21th minute(considering queue) when entering CE is not possible.

Why adding protected area during 1st - 21th minute of CE? Because the goal of CE is to let the criminals and cops fight inside and not outside of the CE. I've seen most of the time cops want to enter CE but they cannot enter CE because criminals are camping outside. CBs tell them to stop it but still there're some people who camp outside and don't let the cops enter the CE. Same for criminals, sometimes cops camp outside and don't let the criminals enter the CE and I will say it again, the goal of CE is to make the players fight inside and not outside. If the other team camps outside and kills almost half of the participants from the other team that are about to enter CE then what's the moral or goal of making CE in the first place? We need to move this fight inside CE and not outside CE. CE happens once in 45 minutes and most of the time because the other team is outnumbered some of the players in that team tend to camp outside to eliminate the participants that are going to enter the CE and it ruins the balance of CE. Let me just say it again so there'll be no questions, CE happens once in 45 minutes and the goal of CE is to make players fight inside CE not outside. If players are supposed to fight outside of CE then what's the point of CE in the first place?

What's the goal of CE? It's to make the players fight inside and not outside and this suggestion is to boost this goal and make it closer to reality.
NOTE : Arresting with baton should be disabled in the protected area
06 06, 2021, 05:38:55 pm by Gnar2 | Views: 531 | Comments: 19

Greeting people, well as it says I am coming up with a new idea for a CE which I mapped myself and scripted by @Farhan-Khan, anyways it's a map that I have been working on for a while to kill some time, and I thought about suggesting it as CE to be added in CIT.

What does the map have?
  • Alot of hiding spots to cover up and to surprise the opposite team, which will make people careful all around the map in every step they take, since they can get backstabbed.
  • It's a bit of an open area especially in the market, storage is more like a tactical place, that you should plan up when and how to rush the enemy spawn.
  • There are 2 high grounds on the storage hallway, both teams can get up there by ladders to avoid camping and abusing the area.
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    (also there will be 2 other high ground one in the storage spawn and in the entrance of the storage
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  • Windows are every where around the map, you can inspect the players who are coming towards you etc..
  • Alot of places to discover and make plans out of them, since moving back and forward is getting boring sometimes

Video link:

CE outsider location:
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CE spawns:
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EDIT: i'll be able to change some stuff in the map according to people's opinions, if it's worthy to add i'll edit the map file

Edits for the map that isn't existing in the youtube video:
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Thanks to Farhan again for helping me with the script, hope you guys give me your opinions about the suggestion.
06 06, 2021, 05:05:56 pm by Khairy | Views: 382 | Comments: 15

Well my suggestion is simple after 14 days of owner's inactivity without logging in houses will now be sold for the initial interior price  instead of the 90M like (3M , 4M , 6M.. etc)

I did my fair share of searching for good houses to buy yesterday, and I barely found a good house available for sale and the ones I had found were from 90 to 75 million.

I find it unfair for the average CIT player to not find a house he wants due to exaggerated price tag due to this anti trading house business.

Why I am suggesting this?
1- For the average CIT player they can barely find a good house for sale for a reasonable price. This gives a clear advantage for the rich CIT player who has 90m or 70+ to buy the house.

2- For the rich CIT player I also find it silly they will have to freeze 90M of their ingame money just to buy a house.

Two reasons I stated above basically prove that if you want to get a good house you better donate or just waste your entire savings hoping to find a house that no one richer than you came across and bought it with a high price tag.

Not only this, people use double accounts to buy these houses making it impossible for you to find a good property.

I don't see a reason why this won't be added since house trading is already banned from the server.

05 06, 2021, 08:20:56 pm by Axe | Views: 300 | Comments: 6

Well, this problem is popular and kind of annoying which is, when I craft armor while I have 0 armor it will take the full time (load bar time) also when my armor is like half or less than half it will take the same time as well which doesn't make any sense, so I'm suggesting if your armor is like half or less the timer will be decreased based on how your armor looks like, I'll post a video below explaining it more clear, although waiting the full required time just to craft 30-40% armor is BS in CEs or ARs.
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* Changelog

Tuesday 15th June 2021
- Added preference about move and shoot weapons to stop moving left or right when firing. (Arran + Dread)
- Changed preference recheck (except for 'LS Turfs' (which was abused with low time)) from 60 to 5 minutes. (Arran + YouAin'tShitRat)
- Increased dual sawnoff damage from 5 to 7. (Arran + Lucifer)
- Increased single sawnoff (weapon mod in F9) damage from 9 to 11. (Arran + Lucifer)
- Gangsters who were hurt in the last 5 seconds won't be able to enter the Stafford, due to it's high bullet resistance. (Arran + K90)
- Fixed the east prison release protected area applying to the a part of roof of the building. (Arran + iFrank)
- Reduced Shotgun damage from 11 to 9. (Arran + papi)
- Disabled the experimental feature of letting cops shoot with jetpack. (Arran + thund3R)

Sunday 13th June 2021
- ChaosGuardians promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)
- Reduced country rifle range from 150 to 130 meters. (Arran + rellic)
- Reduced accuracy of shotgun from 1.4 to 1. (Arran + uzi)
- Since Uzi is completely unused, experiment: nearly halved firing speed, doubled the damage. (Arran)
- Being shot by Tec-9 won't affect sprinting. (Arran + Roukas)
- Increased single sawnoff (weapon mod in F9) accuracy from 0.4 to 0.6. (Arran + SeeMi)

Saturday 12th June 2021
- Added '[LS] Law Scores' to '/settings' to vote on 'Law' tab in F1 having the law group scores. (Arran + JayXxX)
- When an inactive player has their house ownership removed, the house will be put up for sale for the price the inactive player paid. (Arran + Khairy)
- Added a 2 meter safe zone around each CE entrance marker. (Arran + HosttyBoy)
- Added team color to some 'J' GUI chat tabs. (Arran)
- Added a new preference "[LS] Criminal Event Frequency". (Arran + Main chat community)
- Added new criminal event Super Market (SM) east of LS Mall. (Gnar + Farhan-Khan)
- Anti respawn spam won't affect spawn points in LV. (Arran + Violet)
- Replaced the auto APB limit of 3 with an increase of 100 WP to get APB with each active APB. (Arran + Dimit)

Friday 11th June 2021
- Fixed AR cycle not restarting when CE duration passes 20 minutes. (Arran + thund3R)
- Fixed seasonal reward job skins appearing as available to all players. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed cop's cars colliding with unwanted gangster's cars. (Arran + Axe)
- Enabled experimental feature: cops can shoot pistol, TEC-9 and Uzi with jetpack. (Arran)
- Anti respawn spam will only block spawn / rapid transport if got a kill in the last 3 minutes before dying. (Arran)
- The battlepass will end on the 19th June. On this weekend, you will be able to do as many challenges as you wish.
- Added different categories so it is easier to check '/seasonalstats'. (Relerx + Precious.)
- Added Top 100 Pilots and Bus Driver to '/seasonalstats'. (Relerx + Precious.)
- Made the pilot daily challenge easier. (Relerx + NIGHTMARE)

Thursday 10th June 2021
- Fixed players being able to damage vehicles through fences that players can't take damage through. (Arran + Danzy + WooDy)
- Fixed players in drive by mode being able to do damage through fences that players on foot can't do. (Arran + Danzy + WooDy)
- Fixed gangsters with wanted level not colliding with cops. (Arran + Laurel)
- Fixed gangsters not colliding with cops in LV. (Arran + Syfear)
- Added '/spectate name' so Police Chiefs can spectate cops. (Arran + Dimit)

Tuesday 8th June 2021
- Added [Chief] and [Boss] tags to local chat in criminal event dimension. (Arran + iFrank)
- Recent damagers (affects whose rewarded for CE kills) will reset when a player regains full health + armor. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed mobile speakers being able to disrupt those in safe zones. (Arran + Ths)
- Inaccessible rapid transport locations won't appear on the map. (Arran + Vampire)

Sunday 6th June 2021
- Fixed unwanted gangster driven vehicles colliding with cops. (Arran + VulKanN)
- Crafting armor will be quicker (faster if >25%, >50%, >75%) the more you have. (Arran + Axe)
- Added a warp back button for guiders in '/helps'. (Arran + Happy)
- Fixed guiders not being able to sort the guide panel by playtime. (Arran + Jason)
- Fixed guides not being able to aim their weapons. (Arran + DeathWish)
- Fixed not being able to change weapon when tasered. (Arran + WooDy)
- Reverted 3rd June changes to AR payment and duration. (Arran + Senza)

Saturday 5th June 2021
- Fixed crafting armor loading bar not disappearing when cancelling the crafting. (Arran + Axe)
- Gangster vehicles will now collide with each other. (Arran + iFrank)
- Merged Germany (DE) and Austria (AT) country chats into 'GER' (Arran + Happy)
- Added loading bar for crafting armor. (Arran + Rebzu)
- Added '/ssmotd message' (squad staff message of the day). (Arran + RedHeart)
- Fixed being able to disrupt an armed robbery with music speaker attached to a vehicle. (Arran)
- Removed the requirement to keep moving at armed robberies, since time to rob is increased. (Arran)
- Cops won't be able to quit job if within 50 meters of a wanted player or hit target. (Arran + Apollo)
- Changed RPG cool down time from 80 to 120 seconds. (Arran + shoot4life)
- Fixed speakers not being removed when the vehicle the speaker was attached to is destroyed. (Arran)

Thursday 3rd June 2021
- Armed robbery cycle will restart once criminal event has been running for 20 minutes. (Arran)
- Fixed certain players ruining certain events, by disallowing spawning at any custom spawn point within 400 meters of where died in last 3 minutes. (Arran)
- Removed the AR half pay when doing no damage, increased time from 3 to 5 minutes, every 1 damage done will reduce time by 400ms. (Arran)

Wednesday 2nd June 2021
- Armed robberies will end when they are overrun by cops. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could run with shield. (Arran + Coolwolf)
- If placing a speaker with '/streamurl' while in a vehicle, it will be attached to the vehicle. (Arran + IDriver)

Tuesday 1st June 2021
- Fixed being able to escape prison from using '/surrender' while buying from ammunation. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed taser being abused in gun fights by no longer disabling aiming and shooting. Increased taser duration by 1 second. (Arran + thund3R)

Monday 31st May 2021
- If your playtime is above 20 hours, the battlepass challenges side selection will automatically open if you have not chosen any side. (Relerx)
- Added 'Seasons' and 'PvP Ranks' tabs to F1. (Arran + Relerx + Slow)
- Removed unwanted criminals in armed robbery area being invisible due to it being regularly exploited. (Arran + Dimit)

Sunday 30th May 2021
- Reduced cop level requirement from 40 to 30 to use police shield ('/shield 19'). (Arran + iRaef)
- CE anti rush will kill you instead of warping back if HP is below 30 when triggering it. (Arran + Axe)
- Police shields no longer have to be toggled for shooting with. (Arran)
- Zones and houses that are outside the map area will appear on the edge of the rapid transport map. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Added 3D Red lines that indicate lower speed limit zones on map as train driver. (Nuko + Ths)
- Added 'Reputation Points' to 'criminal' section of '/stats'. (Arran + Apollo)

Tuesday 25th May 2021
- Gave Securicar 60% damage resistance. (Arran)
- Fixed Raindance and FBI Truck not mentioning their 60% damage resistance in the car shop. (Arran)
- Police can fire tear-gas grenades while aiming the M4. Must have tear-gas. Costs $1000 instead of using up tear-gas (an MTA limitation). (Arran)
- Police shields can now be put on the right, left and back. Also enabled moving left, right and backwards. (Arran + Senza)
- Stingers will only pop your vehicle tires if you drive over them. (Senza)
- Updated law '/codes' with new and removed events. (Vampire + Precious)

Monday 24th May 2021
- Improved Dillimore PD Armed Robbery by slightly increasing the interior of the garage and added a secondary entrance/exit that leads to inside a bunker on the roof. (Vampire)
- Fixed armed robberies paying loads of money to just stand around, payment halved if do no damage to cops. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to withdraw money from bank without the PIN by buying and then selling a house. (Arran + Vampire)

Sunday 23rd May 2021
- Top damagers / killers / medics will show names with the name-tag color. (Arran + der-Krieger)
- Fixed damage taken while in a vehicle not counting as being recently hurt. (Arran + Coolwolf)
- Fixed group jobs not being able to end shift. (Brian + Hyfa.JR)

Saturday 22nd May 2021
- Fixed ''Blue Sky or Real Night'' '/setting' not working and made blue sky default as it looks much nicer than default. (Arran + Neca)
- Fixed being able to abuse removing group job from a player that shouldn't be able to quit their job like if recently hurt. (Arran + Senza + WooDy)
- Fixed being able to earn more than the earn limit as taxi driver by switching to cop or criminal team during the missions. (Arran + Coolwolf)
- Fixed being able to use '/leaveevent' to exit your apartment in some cases when you're no longer in your apartment. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed being able to deploy a stinger instantly if doing the command while entering a vehicle. (Arran + Agent47)

Thursday 20th May 2021
- Fixed being able to enter a house or apartment from house GUI after moving. (Arran + Magneto)
- Added 101 new objects that can be added to CITy zones and apartments. (IDriver)
- Added Police and Criminal missions which are playable if you play in your team for a while. (Senza + MeD. + EfeC)
- Fixed being stuck in an animation after picking up a mystery bag. (Arran + Mitrok)
- Fixed wanted level farming at prison gates by adding max 5 opens per hour. (Arran + K90)
- Fixed being able to enter a vehicle and place a stinger. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed being able to fire weapons and place a stinger. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed a hijacker delivery point being inaccessible. (Arran + Recon)
- You will no longer be able to fall off bikes in the race dimension. (Arran + Senza)
- Players won't be considered as assisting with the van heist while inside a safe zone. (Arran + chaiNNito7)

Tuesday 18th May 2021
- Replaced many unusable vending machines (to buy health) around the map by functional ones. (Vampire)

Monday 17th May 2021
- Fixed drive-by rapid fire exploit. Had to disable using Desert Eagle to fix. (Arran + Ths)
- Fixed being able to sell job weapon Pick Axe on F7. (Arran + N3m3sis)
- Fixed being able to use taxi to quit job when recently damaged. (Arran + 9R)

Sunday 16th May 2021
- Added a new Armed Robbery called "Sprunk Factory". (Brian + Danzy + Vampire)
- Re-enabled the new train driver script. (Nuko)
- Car tuning speed will now only give a 4% boost per level instead of 5%. (Arran)
- Car tuning acceleration will now only give a 3% boost per level instead of 5%. (Arran)
- Car tuning bullet resistance will now only give a 1% resistance per level instead of 5%. (Arran)
- Reduced damage taken when in a broken down vehicle that takes damage vehicle by 50%. (Arran)
- Replaced the countryside background sound ("area sounds" setting) with one that's much less annoying. (Arran)
- Wanted players with less than 50 wanted points won't be visible on the police computer. (Arran)
- Added 76 new paintjobs for Freeway, Super GT, Infernus, Burrito, ZR350, Banshee, Rustler, Nevada, Sabre, SultanRS, Cybertruck. (Predator + iDriver + HosttyBoy)

Wednesday 12th May 2021
- Added '/gmpt <groupName>' to check group members average played time per day. (Brian + FalconHawK)

Tuesday 11th May 2021
- Improved the randomness of the next armed robbery, lottery number and casino slot machines. (Senza)
- Fixed vehicle damage not being passed on to players sat inside broken down vehicles. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed damage that was only meant for players in drive-by mode applying to all passengers. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed being able to use '/leaveevent' when glued to a vehicle in apartments. (Arran + Magneto)
- "/online cem" will return all Community Event Managers online that are not idle for more than 10 minutes. (Brian + Macman)

Monday 10th May 2021
- L2. Kuldeep promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Saturday 8th May 2021
- Traffic officer / mechanic abandoned vehicles will be damage proof and will auto flip if they are upside down. (Arran + Ths)
- Added 'UAV Speed' to '/settings' to change the slow, normal and fast movement speed of the UAV. (Arran + Waltz)
- Fixed interior 1 houses robbery object markers not being visible. (Arran + TheGam3r23)
- Removed "You're going too slow to do a driveby!" instead, damage to vehicles will hurt any passenger in drive-by mode. (Arran)
- Stopped the train driver job due to bugs. If you lost money due to the fine spam bug you can post refund request on forum. (Arran)

Friday 7th May 2021
- Rescripted the Train Driver job. Take the job at the train station in LS or SF. To start the job, spawn a train from the blue marker located at every station. You can warp to these stations by using '/warpstation'. Press F3 for the station keys and information about the job. Use '/warpstation CS' to warp to San Fierro's train station if you want to use a Tram inside San Fierro's city. (Nuko + HarwoodButcher + Emre)
- Fixed an exploit where you could shoot without aiming to get the single player perfect accuracy. (Arran + Axe)
- Removed the openness of PDR map since team stackers ruin it. (Arran)
- Moved the top floor entrance and anti rush in PDR criminal event to take into account the more open map. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed race vehicle being destroyed after 1 second of falling off the bike. (Arran + FalconHawk)

Thursday 6th May 2021
- FightForHonor promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Added alliance countdown that is accessible through '/allycountd' command. (Senza + Kenfis)
- '/leaveevent' now works for leaving apartments. (Arran)
- Players can glue on Trashmaster even if they don't own VIP hours. (Arran + Monster)
- Modified the medic heal farm restriction so it doesn't stop payments until a much higher level. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)

Wednesday 5th May 2021
- CIThats v3.0: Added 3 axis scaling, a search box to '/hats' panel and ability to save your favourite hats positions. (Brian + Happy + Cold)

Tuesday 4th May 2021
- Guard_Ghosts promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed gangster APB's being able to damage cars (or receive car damage) from other gangsters. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed buying anonymously on F7 not working. (Arran + Ths)

Monday 3rd May 2021
- Fixed being able to heal farm during criminal events and armed robberies. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed an exploit where you could avoid the animation when placing a stinger, the stinger won't deploy if you moved. (Arran + Vooltex)
- For any players that have "nightly" set in their "update build type" in MTA settings (advanced tab) the nightly has introduced a bug which breaks some stuff like coming out of being AFK. Install this older, stable version:

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